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The Bijak (Treasure-Map) of Kabir

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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      The Bijak (Treasure-Map) of Kabir

      Kabir, from the Bijak:

      The truth of the soul and God is explained as the love of the chakor
      for the moon; but the intellect of man turned things around. The
      four stages of consciousness are but a dream to them. They
      understand falsehood to be the truth.

      No one knows what is false. In this way all have lost their way. I
      They lost everything in the false hope of the future; thinking this
      way, humanity cannot attain God even in a dream.

      He who rises above the thirty-four letters (alphabets) will be able
      to understand what is sin and what is virtue.

      Sakhi of Kabir: As you speak so you become; why don't you escape
      from the traps of illusion?

      Kabir says: "Come to me! I am standing here calling you. Why do you
      lose your life in falsehood?"

      Commentary (Jagessar Das):

      The chakor is a mythological bird which gazes longingly at the moon
      as if transfixed with great love. The soul similarly has a great
      yearning for union with God, but man, in his "sophisticated" wisdom
      has produced all kinds of philosophies, dogmas, creeds, religions
      and rituals, and have thus confounded themselves, and have strayed
      from the path of simple Truth. There are four stages of
      consciousness: waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep and super-
      consciousness state.

      People generally, do not pay attention to these, but are preoccupied
      with their material existence. They ought to realize that life is
      meant for the liberation of the soul which is, in effect, the
      realization of the fourth stage of consciousness. They have hopes of
      a better future, but they continue in the same old merry-go-round.
      They lose sight of the fact that they will reap what they are
      sowing, according to the Law of Karma. Unless people improve
      themselves day by day in thought, word, and deed, there is no chance
      of their ever realizing God or obtaining liberation. In order to
      attain God Realization, people have to rise above the alphabets i.e.
      all the scriptures. The scriptures do not give God-Realization. God
      resides in the hearts of all people, and that is where He will be
      found. Guru Kabir is beckoning to all devotees to free themselves
      from the traps of falsehood and illusion and to come to him. He is
      genuinely interested in the welfare of humanity. Unless people
      follow the path of Truth, they would lose the opportunity given to
      them, in this precious lifetime, of obtaining God Realization.

      -- Guru Kabir, "The Bijak of Guru Kabir, Volume One, Ramainis --
      The Mystical Teachings of Guru Kabir", Translated by Dr. Jagessar
      Das, The Kabir Association of Canada, Surry, BC

      Mystic Verses of Kabir: Plucking Flowers of Spirituality

      The body is a forest of blooming flowers,
      But only the wise can pluck them.
      How does one attain to this wisdom?

      Firstly, go to the perfect Teacher,
      And learn from him the inner teaching.
      Contemplate on the words of the saints,
      And strengthen your faith day by day.

      Secondly, cast all your doubts away,
      And shun the perception of duality.
      See the One dwelling inside and outside.
      Achieve this and you're a saint.

      Thirdly, rise above outer attributes,
      And take a seat at the "third eye",
      This is verily the palatial throne
      Where you hear the Divine Melody.

      Fourthly, reign in the restless mind,
      And abandon all your cleverness.
      Swing on the swing of divine love,
      And entreat the Teacher for the gift of devotion.

      Fifthly, acquaint yourself with the eternal elements.
      And exert mastery over the senses.

      Sixthly, let consciousness pierce the six chakras,
      And reaching above them, see the Light.
      Make perfect the left and right nerve currents,
      And dwell in the cave of the Void.

      Seventhly, let truth enlighten your life,
      And behold the Supreme Spirit in you.
      Grab hold of the silken thread of realization,
      And climb to the Eternal Abode.

      Eighthly, let the lotus of consciousness bloom,
      And render your heart resplendent.
      When in your soul you see the Eternal,
      Then you're fit to be called a saint.

      Ninthly, your portals of perception will open,
      When you make an ally of the Perfect Master.
      You will see that the soul is not the body,
      When the Master shows the soul's unity with God.

      Tenthly, you'll reach the door of liberation,
      Where the Divine Melody resounds.

      Kabir says, "Listen to me, my brothers,
      Only a rare one considers my teaching."

      (Bhajan of Sant Kabir, Published in the October-December 2004
      Issue of, "The Kabir Voice" Newsletter, Surry, BC Canada)
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