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Excerpts of Swami Ji Maharaj's Commentary on the Jap Ji, Pt 2

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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Excerpts of Swami Ji Maharaj's Commentary on the Jap Ji, Pt 2

      The SUPREME BEING was Eternally True in the beginning. He was so
      True before the advent of Sat Yuga, Treta yuga, Dwapar and Kali
      Yugas. He was True before Maya and Brahm were created. He Is True
      and Eternal now. He will Remain True in future.

      If you are seeking the Secrets os SAT NAAM SAT PURUSH and you feel
      that you can know them Lakh of times, they will never come within
      the ambit of your thoughts, deficient as your thoughts are.

      Though I know Him, I cannot make Him known by speaking about Him,
      because His Identity can never be expressed in speech.

      A person may live for four Yugas or even ten times longer, that is,
      for forty Yugas, and may become renowned in all the nine divisions
      of the earth or the entire surface of the globe. He may be a
      distinguished personage with name and fame won all the world over by
      his good deeds and all may be following his command. But, if there
      is NO Love for The SUPREME BEING in his heart and His GRACE and
      MERCY are not with him, he has NO merit at all despite all his
      worldly eminence.

      If you say you will keep quiet and practice silence and, thereby,
      meet The SUPREME BEING, that too, will not be possible, because He
      Cannot be Attained by observing silence though your mind and
      attention may be deeply absorbed in His Thought.

      If you wish to seek redemption, that is, come in The August Presence
      of The SUPREME BEING, by abstaining from food or by observing fast,
      you will Not Succeed. A second interpretation is that even if you
      amass the wealth of seven kingdoms, your thirst will Not be quenched
      because it is part of human nature. A third interpretation is that
      even if the wealth of seven kingdoms be at your command, the
      inherent longing for meeting The SUPREME BEING Cannot be satisfied.

      You may take recourse to thousands of methods but none of them will
      be of any avail.

      The gist of the discussion is that attainment of SAT NAAM is
      possible with The GRACE and MERCY of the Perfect Master.

      These Japs were uttered by GURÚ NANAK during His dialogue with
      ascetics. They asked Him in what way they could be True to the
      SUPREME BEING, and become fit to gain admittance into His August
      Presence and how the illusory cover or barrier which intervenes in
      between can be removed. The answer is all as follows:

      "The barrier will be removed if you cheerfully abide by
      Command of The SUPREME BEING, which has been preordained
      for you. Again, the illusory barrier will disappear in case
      of him alone for whom it is His Command whom The SUPREME
      BEING Can never be attained by thinking about Him or
      observing silence, or by becoming a great king or by taking
      recourse to diverse devices. He shall be Attained at the
      Pleasure of GURÚ......"

      He Is The TRUE LORD and True Is His Name. We may praise Him with the
      utmost wisdom and zeal at our command. There can be NO end to His

      We are calling and praying Him all the time for more and more of His
      Gifts. That Generous and Compassionate Being bestows His Mercy on us.

      Perform SIMRAN (repetition of His Holy Name) and DHYAN

      (contemplation of His form) of that true NAAM in the last quarter of

      the night. At that time, there is NO noise and disturbance, and the

      mind can be concentrated and attention directed towards Him. This

      will bring you as a reward the robe of honour. In other words, you

      will know the secrets of the human microcosm and be on your way to

      redemption. You will realize that all that exists is SAT PURUSH. You

      will but utter the adage; "Haman Ost", meaning every thing is That


      He who serves and worships that Supreme Being will receive honour

      and distinction at His court.

      Sing about that Supreme Being, hear Him and cherish in yur heart

      love and affection for Him. In other words, practice Sumiran, Bhajan

      (listening internally to Shabd coming from above) and Dhyan. The

      befefit which will accrue, shall end your misery and take you to the

      abode of happiness.

      By listening alone you become Perfect, a Pir and a godly and Pious
      man. Here Listening does not refer to listening the name of Ram
      (GOD) and the so-called religious discourses for, all have been
      reciting Ram Ram and listening to religious discourses for lives
      together, but, so far, not even one person has attained perfection.
      By Listening is meant Listening to The ANHAD SHABD or Heavenly
      Sound which is automatically Reverberating all the time within the
      brain of the human being and to which the earth the firmament and
      the sky owe their existence. It is Called SHABD and GURÚ NANAK Has
      Praised it, as described above. The following sayings relate to it.

      SHABD is the earth,
      SHABD the sky.
      Light came from SHABD.
      The Entire Creation was evolved by SHABD.
      NANAK says, SHABD is present in every being.

      Talking his seat at the Sphere of Gagan
      a Sadh (practitioner) listens to ANHAD SHABD.

      The spirit (Surat) is wandering in the nine doors of the body. On
      entering the tenth, it will find its True abode. There, ANHAD SHABD
      Resounds day and night. It can be heard by following GURÚ's
      Instructions. Without SAHBD, there is darkness within.

      (Elucidation of Jap Ji, Agra, India)
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