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Elucidation - Swami Ji Maharaj's Commentary on the Jap Ji, Part 1

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhasoami Dayal ki Daya Radhasoami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Elucidation - Swami Ji Maharaj's Commentary on the Jap Ji, Part 1:

      Soami Ji's Commentary on the Morning Prayer (Jap Ji) of Guru Nanak

      Good News

      "This is for the information of those
      who daily recite NANAK SAHEB's JAP JI,
      that in the year 1877 A.D, SOAMI JI
      MAHARAJ Who was the august Founder of
      The Radhasoami had, on my prayer,
      dictated The Elucidations of JAP JI
      and Rohras. The manuscript of The
      Elucidation had for sometime been
      misplaced. It was believed to have
      been lost. However, by chance it has
      now been found out."

      The above mentioned note is in the handwriting of Rai Pratap Singh
      Seth alias Chacha Ji Saheb, the youngest brother of SOAMI JI
      MAHARAJ. The manuscript in hand contains The Elucidation of JAP JI.
      That of Rohras has not been traced as yet. At the end of the
      manuscript are given Elucidations of two couplets and one Shabd as

      SANT MAT or the religion of Sants is Not inspired by any extant
      religion. In JAP JI GURÚ NANAK has Defined His religion as ADI
      PANTH, meaning a religion which has come from a far away religion at
      the Top. The religion promulgated by TULSI SAHIB another Sant, has
      been described as APA PATH, meaning own religion having NO
      precedence at all. Making indirect reference to Fundamental Truths
      is a common feature of the Writings of Sants....................
      (from the Introduction)


      He, that is, The Supreme Being or Khuda (GOD) Is One, if we read Om
      for `O' in the writings in Gurumukhi, we get the idea that what Om
      stands for Is One. Only SATNAAM was distinct, apart and Independent
      of all. He Created OM. And them OM evolved The Creation (of
      Brahmand, And and Pind). The Regions of OM and SAT NAAM can never be
      Attained without the Grace and Bounty of The PERFECT SAT GURÚ.
      This, particularly, is in accordance with SANT MAT. The followers of
      Ved Mat recognize nothing beyond OM. By PERFECT SAT GURÚ is meant a
      TRUE and Fully Competent Guide. There are guides and GUIDES in this
      world. A TRUE and PERFECT GURÚ Is He Who KNOWS The Technique of
      SURAT SHABD YOGA and, by Devoting Himself to It, has Attained

      "Like the lotus and the duck living in
      water without getting wet, so also should
      one cross the sea of existence by the

      That PURUSH, That Is, SAT NAAM is The Prime Mover and Creator
      according to SANT MAT. He Is neither afraid of, nor has enmity with,
      any one. He Has NO past, present or future, nor are His Existence
      and Manifestation dependent on birth. Through the MERCY of GURÚ
      can we Meet and Worship Such SUPREME BEING.

      SAT NAAM means True Name. On hearing this world, the impression is
      created that it is a conventional or acquired name and Not the
      inherent or innate name of The SUPREME BEING.

      But this objection is untenable. There is a Jauhar (inherent
      essence), and also mere arz (outer attribute or acquired feature). A
      person can be addressed as a dealer in cloth. But when he keeps NO
      stock of cloth, he cannot be called a dealer in cloth. This
      illustrates what arz (acquired feature or outer attribute) is.
      Selling cloth is an acquired feature or outer attribute. The
      attribute that labels the name can be quite different from the
      object or the being whose attribute it is. But if the name of the
      said person is Hari Singh and he is referred to by this name, on
      will identify that very person whose name Hari Singh is. This name
      is not separate from the being or identity of that person. SAT NAAM
      Is, similarly, DHUNIATMAK or Innate name of The SUPREME BEING. For,
      if `Sat' is removed from the name, nothing will be Understood. All
      other names ae Varnatmak or conventional and acquired. It has been

      "Whatever the tongue articulates
      are artificial or conventional or
      Varnatmak names, whereas SAT NAAM
      Is The Highest and the most ancient
      or DHUNIATMAK name."

      As stated above, The SUPREME BEING Manifest Himself unbegotten.
      As `birth' has been ruled out in His case, the question arises how
      He Should Manifest Himself amongst us and show us His Path. It is
      our religious tenet that man is the noblest of all the created
      beings. The SUPREME BEING has Created him after His Image. The
      spirituality in man is an Emanation from That SUPREME BEING Himself.
      The human frame has been so constituted that, using it as the
      Medium, The SUPREME BEING Can Manifest Himself unto us. He cannot
      Manifest Himself in any other form and Guide us on His Path. What is
      really meant is that His Manifestation takes place like the birth of
      human being. But since He Is The LORD of all, He is not in the cycle
      of transmigration. And this refers to SAT GURÚ Whose description
      has been given earlier. GURÚ and SUPREME BEING are One and the
      Perfect Fakir and KHUDA (GOD). The saying goes, `Knowest thou that
      GURÚ and PARMESHWAR (GOD) are One and the same. Why doest thou
      forget this and wander in ignorance'?

      "The SUPREME BEING and SANT are One
      and the same. Any other concept is
      meaningless. Forgetting the thought
      of any other, if you worship SANT you
      will attain The SUPREME BEING."

      "The SUPREME BEING and SANT are One
      and the same, there can be no other
      view. The wave emerges from the ocean
      and merges back in the ocean."

      It is through The GRACE of GURU that you will be able to attain the
      True, Eternal form of That SUPREME BEING or GURU.
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