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Reducing Karma Through the Divine Current

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      (reposted by request)

      Reducing Karma Through the Divine Current

      Worldly Thoughts and Impulses Should Be Converted into Zeal For
      Securing Internal Bliss and Happiness -- Spiritual Experience

      Man's actions are the manifestations of his thoughts. The mind, by
      projecting thoughts to sense-organs, enjoys pleasures. It, more or
      less, identifies itself with these thoughts and pleasures. At that
      time, it does not think of any thing else.

      The Effect of the Three Karmas Can Be Effaced By Performing the
      Meditation Practice of the Radhasoami Faith (Surat Shabd Yoga)

      The meditation practice of the Radhasoami Faith consists in
      reverting and raising internally the Current of the Surat (spirit,
      soul) along the Shabd (Divine Sound Stream) and the Light within.
      The seat of that Current is behind the eyes [at the Third Eye

      When such a condition begins to supervene to some extent, as a
      result of performing the meditation practices, the working of
      Karmas, both internally and externally, is automatically enfeebled.
      On getting some bliss and joy internally, and on witnessing the
      refulgence, grace and mercy of the Supreme Being, the satsangi's
      mind is, of itself, detached from the world and its pleasures. The
      pleasures of the world become insipid. The longing for progress in
      meditation, and higher and higher bliss, goes on increasing. Worldly
      desires are curtailed. The Abhyasi [practitioner of Shabd Yoga]
      always gives priority to the will, grace and mercy of the Supreme
      Being in whatever he does. He subordinates his desires to the will
      of the Supreme Being. Thus the devotee is entangled in Kriyaman
      Karmas very little or not at all. This cuts short the chain of his

      Prarabdh Karmas are those, which unfold in this very life. The
      effect of such Karmas will be very much mitigated by the grace and
      mercy of the Supreme Father Radhasoami Dayal [Merciful Lord of All
      Souls]. To the extent to which an practitioner of Shabd Yoga is able
      to withdraw from the eyes, he goes on getting detached from the body
      and the world. In the wakeful state, the seat of the spirit is
      behind the eyes. It is here that pains and pleasures are felt and
      Karmas are performed. Therefore, as the Current of spirit is
      withdrawn from here with the help of spiritual exercises, pains and
      pleasures cease to be felt. In this way, the effect of Prarabdh
      Karmas is lightened.

      As to Sanchit Karmas, they are stored in Manakash (mind-sky) in the
      form of seed-impressions. They will fructify in a future life.
      As the practitioner's Surat penetrates Manakash in its ascent to
      higher regions, the Sanchit Karmas appear in the form of thoughts
      and impulses. They come into play for a short while only and are
      obliterated. That is to say, if the spiritual exercises are
      performed correctly and methodically, the Surat Shabd Meditation
      practitioner's soul crosses over the region of Manakash in a short
      time, and the store of his Sanchit Karams is cleared off.

      In this way, all the Karams of a practitioner of the Radhasoami
      Faith can be exhausted and eradicated in one or two lives. If he is
      slack in meditation and desires for the pleasures of the world
      remain embedded in his mind to some extent, purification will take
      three lives. When the Surat [the attention-faculty of the soul]
      experiences bliss and joy of Shabd and inner visions in higher
      regions, pure love and longing for Surat Shabd Yoga goes on
      increasing day by day.

      -- Huzur Maharaj, Prem Patra Radhasoami, The Spiritual Discourses of
      the Radhasoami Faith
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