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God and the Way to His Abode

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai: Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2005
      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      God and the Way to His Abode
      (excerpts from Chapter Five)

      By Param Sant Param Dayal Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj

      "First, the Absolute, self Supreme,
      Bow to thy lotus feet.
      Recite and meditate day and night,
      Contemplate on RADHASWAMI."

      "Body stable, mind fixed,
      soul claim and tranquil,
      SAYS KABIR, until then,
      secret can't be attained".

      It means, that one's self must achieve the stage of stillness. What
      Kabira means by these words is only known to him. I state, what I
      understand. At my primary stages, I was unable to, understand the
      sermons of the Saint. The element that thinks and has the quality of
      discrimination within, is our intellect. This Intellect or mind,
      chit (conscience) Budhi (wisdom) and ego or the sense organs (Gyan,
      Indriyan) make search within. When all become calm, struggle of the
      SELF came to an end, its all visions quality of questioning and
      answering vanishes. He (self) achieves that stages; from where
      originate the worldly longings attachments, mind, attention, wisdom
      and ego. By achieving this stage, he (self) achieves freedom from
      mundane illusions. But remember, this stage is not within an easy
      reach of everybody.

      I am a seeker. I have spent my whole life in the search of the Lord,
      the Truth. Even at this stage, my efforts are regular to remain
      above th bodily feelings and mental visions. But still that stage
      has not been achieved permanently. What does Sat Guru do for the
      aspirant? Sat Guru guides to the path of Simran Dhyan and Bhajan, so
      that the aspirant may be able, to achieve mental concentration at
      one centre, listen to the eternal sound and attain the state of calm
      intellect and profound wisdom. When the aspirant achieves this stage
      of equanimity of becomes, what he was in the beginning. In the
      beginning there was neither, body, nor mind, nor thought, neither
      sense organs, nor work organs. It was a state of Truth and I was our
      origin. This is what I have understood about our origin. I get peace
      and bliss out of this state. Morning and evening, I try to merge in
      that State of Almighty Lord. At the primary stages, it is impossible
      to achieve that state of Formless and Nameless.

      "Bliss soundless formless
      sound from thou SWAMI'
      Bliss, the unseen, unnamed,
      profound, named thou ANAMI (un-named)".

      He is the master of all animate and inanimate, In the beginning He
      was calm, without any sound, later on it activated and produced the
      eternal sound, He is the Lord, the of Bliss, He is the: origin of
      all, Whole creation takes place out of Him, All planets, universe
      and earth are His creations,

      "Bliss, the compassionate,
      the pitiful, the Lord, Bliss, un-hidden secret,
      the secret, the happiness God."

      Yearn with true heart and sincerity to reach that stage of Lord
      where there is all happiness,
      But you cannot achieve that stage so easily because of your worldly
      attachments and longings,

      "Thy unbound glory,
      who can sing thy origin and end, Who can know thy secret,
      who can make a comment,
      Thou manifest in the Form of a Saint, To awaken the mankind,
      Cut off the snares of Time and Deed, Lead to the Absolute's kind."

      That Divine Being comes to this world in the form of Saints to
      awaken and guide the ignorant suffering mankind, What is Kal and
      Karam? In Sant Matt, Kal, is time, there is motion and action in
      Time, The variety of motion and action in Time is known as deed or
      Karam. Till our 'self' or Surat through the practice of
      contemplation and meditation do not achieve that state of motionless
      or inertness, we can not succeed to liberate ourselves from Kaal
      (Time) and Karam (deed). There is always a movement in our body.
      Blood circulation continues ceaselessly. The process of breaking and
      remaking of cells goes on regularly. Health and body strength
      depends on making of cells and when this process ends, old age
      approaches, God is beyond all these processes. His stage is of
      inertness or calmness. It is also known as the state of tranquility.

      'Beyond the three stages of consciousness
      exists our abode'.

      Sat Guru comes from that fourth stage, to unfold the secret. He
      reveals that this world is of duality, where both pleasure and pain.
      Happiness and Sorrows exist and if you desire liberation from it
      then follow the path of Sumiran, Dhyan and Bhajan. Concentrate your
      mind at one ideal point, that will redeem you. You people come here
      for your own motives. I feel indebted to You, because your
      experiences have helped me to realize the Truth or the Secret.
      Though I have not yet attained that state of Absolute Truth, but I
      have known it, and I am always in effort to attain it. My regular
      effort is to remain attracted to that state of Soundless-Sound.

      "First, the Absolute, self Supreme,
      Bow to thy lotus feet.
      Recite and meditate day and night,
      Contemplate on RADHASWAMI."

      Radhaswami is a "Word spoken" (varnatmic). It is recited by agency
      of tongue, teeth, lips and gullet. This recitation is audible. But
      the true recitation repetition of Radhaswami within. It is to attune
      your "self" to the eternal Sound (Anhad Shabd). Now mine is quite an
      old age, I am sure to leave this mortal world sooner or later. But,
      where shall I go? I have understood, that if I could remember Him.
      The Unnamed, the formless and the profound, I shall merge in Him
      losing my own entity.

      There is an eternal sound of that Supreme Lord going on within us,
      ut our attention fails to catch it due to world desires (impurities)
      in it.

      "For whom Did I proceed,
      He came to me to meet, Lord stands to Thy face,
      Kabira, bow to His feet."

      What for, you go to temple mosques and other religious places. He is
      always within you. But this is beyond your understanding. That is
      why I generally say that now I am unfit to give Sat Sang of lower
      stages. I speak from a very high stage, which is beyond your

      To reach that immortal abode, one has to dispel all worldly
      longings, thoughts, desires and attachments.

      The purpose is to have support of that Un-named Supreme Power in any
      form to spend this life happily. Always entertain this thought that
      your ideal is with you and if you succeed to confirm this thought,
      it may help you to achieve the ultimate truth one day and you may be
      able to reach His Abode.

      Peace to the whole humanity.
    • Gurucharan Iyer
      I think according to Sant Mat Kal refers to person who looks after the material division or the different material covers over the Soul and one who holds and
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 4, 2005
        I think according to Sant Mat "Kal" refers to person who looks after the material division or the different material covers over the Soul and one who holds and doesnt allow the soul to realise the Supreme Father ie. Radhasoami and reach his abode, which is real home of each and every soul.

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