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Teachings of the Radhasoami Faith, Part Four: The SantSatGuru

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    [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai: Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and
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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Teachings of the Radhasoami Faith, Part Four: The SantSatGuru

      "Whoever desires to sit next to God,
      let them sit with lovers of God." -- RUMI

      "The Saints are the true devotees of God,
      always listening to the Divine Music within.
      That infuses life into the lovers of God." -- RUMI

      "Whoever wants to sit with God, let him sit in the presence of the
      Saints". -- RUMI

      "I pay homage in all humility at the feet of my Master,
      Whose grace has revealed the mystery of Light and Sound".

      -- Sant (Saint) Tulsi Sahib

      "I am a servant of the Sants, and it is only through their grace
      that I have been able to find the Inaccessible Region. I have had
      the blessings of the holy feet of Sants and only because of this,
      people call me Saint Tulsi".

      -- Sant Tulsi Sahib,
      Dialogue Between Param Sant Tulsi Sahab and Phool Das

      Sant Tulsi Sahib's Ode to Sant Sat Gurus

      At the outset, I offer salutation to my Lord, the Satguru;
      In surrender at his feet, Tulsi loses himself in ecstasy.

      I pay homage in all humility at the feet of my Master,
      Whose grace has revealed the mystery of Light and Sound.

      I offer myself in adoration to the Saints,
      Who have bestowed on my soul the power
      to see.

      The brilliant light of surrender has revealed unto me
      The essence and the true form of my Master.

      Lowly and bereft of wisdom, I offered my heart to him;
      Through surrender, recognition of Satguru has come to me.

      The Satguru, indeed, is an unfathomable ocean of bliss,
      He has revealed the Path and the method to attain the Lord.

      Again and again, I bow at the lotus feet of my Master;
      In all humility I sing praises of him.

      Perceiving my state of misery he took pity and gave me inner vision;
      Repeatedly, I clasp his feet in surrender and pray unto him.

      With love of thy feet I dedicate myself as thy slave,
      For, knowing me as the worst of sinners, thou still sought me out.

      With all my heart and soul, forever I am thy servant;
      Except the Saints, O Satguru, none can fathom thee.

      My Master has given to me knowledge of the self;
      Time and again my soul ascends to celestial regions.

      Traversing the regions within, I beheld the Cosmos [Brahmand];
      The beginning and the end of Time stand revealed to me.

      The beginning and the end of creation that he sees within,
      Truly, of that experience does Tulsi give a description.

      The universe is contained within the human frame,
      Tulsi has himself seen what to others is beyond reach.

      Not only the macrocosm within the microcosm did I behold,
      But, piercing the veil, I also perceived the One pervading all.

      Within the body, Tulsi has seen the Invisible Being;
      Knowing the unfathomable One, he narrates the wondrous tale.

      The universe is contained within the human body,
      Tulsi has revealed this truth to all seekers.

      Within my own body have I seen the universe;
      In the Light of the lotus feet of my Master,
      I have bathed in the true Prayag. (1)

      Only a rare one, who has known the Primordial, will bear me out;
      One who has tasted the Divine Nectar within,
      Will alone know the effulgence of the Supreme Lord.

      NOTE: (1) "Prayag": Confluence of the three rivers-Ganga, Jamuna and
      Saraswati. Here Tulsi Sahib is referring to an inner region which the
      Saints have described as Triveni or Prayag.

      -- Sant Tulsi Sahib

      Teachings of the Radhasoami Faith, Part Four: The SantSatGuru

      Concept of the Sant Sat Guru

      While maintaining that Santsatguru is the manifestation of the
      Supreme Being on earth, Soamiji conforms to the earlier traditions
      and revives the ancient beliefs of Hinduism. He holds that although
      the Santsatguru has assumed human form, yet he should not be
      identified with a human being. In fact, he is the Spiritual Current
      Personified and has come to this world with a mission to grant
      redemption to suffering humanity. In his grace, the Santsatguru
      grants spiritual progress and eternal peace and bliss to all those
      souls who are real seekers after truth and are keen on throwing away
      the shackles of Kal and maya [illusion].

      The Two Essentials

      A perusal of Soamiji's religious thought shows that the two
      essentials emphasized by him are guru-bhakti (devotion to the
      master), and surat-shabd-yoga (inner spiritual practice).

      (A) Guru-Bhakti

      According to Soamiji, the Spiritual Current emanating from the
      Supreme Being has appeared in human form on this earth and it would
      ever remain here until all souls have been redeemed. The continuous
      process of the manifestation of the Spiritual Current in the human
      form necessitates the extraordinary status and value of the guru of
      the time. Soamiji, therefore, exhorts souls to search for the living
      adept and when he is found, to serve him in all sincerity with body,
      mind and soul. He further asserts that those who desire redemption,
      should have singular devotion to and love for the Santsatguru. He
      alone can reveal unto the inner self of the souls the holy name in
      order to set them free from the cycle of chaurosi [reincarnation,

      Soamiji's writings are full of directions which the souls should
      earnestly follow in order to find a living adept. He has also
      described the mode of performing ideal guru-bhakti in the satsang
      (Society or Fellowship of the Saints). According to him satsang
      would generate love and devotion and would purify his mind. He
      defines satsang as the company of Santsatguru at a place where
      people assemble to pray to the Supreme Being and to listen to
      discourses of the Santsatguru. It is only through satsang that
      souls would ultimately come to recognize the living adept. There,
      they would get their difficulties and doubts removed, and receive
      instructions to improve their conduct in the world. Regular
      participation in satsang would enable devotees to perform spiritual
      practice successfully.

      (B) Shabd-Bhakti or Surat-Shabd-Yoga
      (Devotion to Inner Light and Sound Meditation)

      Surat-Shabd-Yoga is the inner spiritual practice preached by
      Soamiji. It literally means the union of surat (spirit entity,
      attention faculty of the soul) with Shabd (the holy resonance of the
      Sound Current). According to him, guru-bhakti would facilitate the
      shabd-bhakti. Soamiji revealed to the world the resonant sounds of
      the different higher regions and described thoroughly the dhun
      (sound), dham (region) and dhani (master) of all the higher
      divisions of creation. He asserts that one who is initiated into
      Radhasoami faith and performs ideal guru-bhakti, can practice surat-
      shabd-yoga easily and perfectly. This spiritual exercise can be
      practiced by one and all, and without denouncing their worldly
      duties. He further asserts that Surat-Shabd-Yoga is the easiest and
      best spiritual practice.

      (The Radhasoami Faith -- A Historical Study, Vikas Publishing,
      Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, London)
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