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Teachings of the Radhasoami Faith, Part Three: Concept of Surat or Spirit Entity

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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Diagram of Spiritual Domains in Radhasoami:

      Teachings of the Radhasoami Faith, Part Three: Concept of Surat or
      Spirit Entity (the Soul)

      The spirit entity, which emanated as a ray from the Feet of the
      Supreme Being, and descended to this world along with its Current,
      functions here by taking location in the physical frame. Truly
      speaking, the spirit alone is real. The names and forms that we see,
      appear to be true, due to the presence of the spirit. But they
      disappear when the spirit leaves the body.

      When this spirit particle, the ray, is of such an importance and
      potency, and there are innumerable spirit entities that have come
      down in this creation, then the reservoir, whence all the spirits
      descended must be by far supreme, all-powerful all-bliss and all-

      It is quite clear that whatever pleasure and gratification the
      Jiva derives in this body is present in the spirit Current, because,
      if this Current be not directed to a particular sense organ, there
      will be no perception of any pleasure through that sense-organ.
      Similarly all the books, knowledge, art and craft, etc., which have
      been or are being produced in this world by human beings have, for
      their source, the spirit embodied in them.

      This clearly indicates that the spirit entity and the Supreme
      Being Radhasoami are all-bliss and all-knowledge. In other words, the
      Supreme Being Radhasoami is all-powerful, supreme-bliss, and supreme-
      knowledge and pervades through all. This Jiva, i.e., the spirit
      entity, is a particle of His, because all the powers that are in Him
      are also inherent in the spirit entity.

      (Huzur Maharaj, "Prem Patra Radhasoami," Volume One)

      The spirit entity has been described as surat* by Soamiji. It is an
      infinitely small unit of the Supreme Being; naturally it has the
      same characteristics as those of the Supreme Being. Surat is
      therefore a descendant of the highest region of creation. After
      traversing through the different regions it has come down to the
      teessra til [Third Eye, Seat of the Soul], just below the sahasdal
      kanwal* in the physical body. Here surat gets enmeshed in five
      tattvas [elements], three gunas [attributes], mind and matter, and
      the ten indriyas [senses]. It also gets chained in several bondages,
      such as that of property honour, position, fame, family and
      kinsfolk. The surat in such a state is called jiva* -- which has to
      undergo the cycle of birth, death and rebirth and assumes various
      forms (chaurasi laksh*) in accordance with its insatiable desires
      and the load of karma*.

      The surat is thus rendered helpless in extricating itself from these
      bondages. The feelings of pleasure, pain and suffering increase so
      much that it forgets about its return to its original home and loses
      all consciousness about the reality of its nature.

      (The Radhasoami Faith -- A Historical Study, Vikas Publishing,
      Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, London)


      *Surat: Soul, soul consciousness, the attention of the soul.
      Surat refers to the ability of the soul to concentrate within and
      experience the bliss of inner regions. Surat* also refers
      particularly to the soul's capacity to hear within.

      *Sahas-dal-kanwal: Thousand Petalled Lotus

      *Jiva: life, soul, a living being in the lower planes

      *Chaurasi laksh: transmigration and reincarnation of souls, eighty
      four cycles of births and rebirths

      *Karma: (l) Action, work,
      (2) Impression made on the mind's atmosphere by external objects and
      (a) Kriyaman karma: Acts performed in present life;
      (b) Prarabdha karma: Acts performed in the past life and the fruit
      to be reaped in present life;
      (c) Sanchit Karma: Unripe acts done in the past and present lives
      and the result to be reaped in future lives.
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