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The School of Surat Shabd Meditation -- Radhasoami, Part One

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai: Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2004
      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      The School of Surat Shabda Meditation -- Radhasoami, Part One

      From A Satsang Talk By H.M. Thakur Nandu Singh Jee Maharaj, Manav
      Mandir Magazine

      The association of the living Master is real Satsang and
      devotion....Satsang means holy contact or contact with Truth or
      Divinity. That way alone one can acquire real happiness......

      The practical devotional way of the Saints was revealed by the
      foremost Saint Kabir. He was followed by the number of teachers in
      the divine personalities of Guru Nanak, Dadu Saheb, Garib Dass,
      Paltu Saheb, Sant Tulsi Das, Jag Jeevan Saheb and many other great
      spiritualists. They all taught their disciples in a mystical way.
      But, as is the case in all fields of activity, the devotional way of
      Saints became dormant. The flame lit by Sant Kabir slowly
      disappeared. The followers of various faiths and schools established
      by different teachers for devotional practice became careless. They
      neglected the internal Sound practice and adopted external
      (institutional) ways and means. This gave birth to false Gurudom.
      The term "False" is not used in derogatory sense. It only means that
      the various schools of Santmat became externalized. It was not a new
      phenomenon. The same atmosphere was in vogue before Sant Kabir
      appeared on the page of spiritual history and proclaimed in one of
      his immortal hymns: "I am aware of the secrets of the highest region
      and I have brought the Shabad of God." It was left to Param Sant Rai
      Saligram Bahadur to build the structure of the Radhaswami faith
      founded by the August Swami Ji Maharaj....

      The sages of yore came; in their ecstasy they discussed
      spirituality; Sadhus, Mahatmas and Saints appeared from time to time
      and sang the song of His Glory; all sprinkled ambrosia. In their
      rapturous spiritual delight they unveiled the hidden secrets of
      spirituality in subtle ways. Those who heard them must have been
      influenced, if not all, at least some of them must have benefited
      and enjoyed the unparallel spiritual delight. But the truth remained
      hidden in allegorical and symbolic expressions. Revelation comes by
      practice and not from what one hears or reads. Sitar music is most
      enchanting to the ears. No doubt, it produces a sort of rapture. But
      real delight and joy dawns upon the person who plays it. People with
      subtle discerning mental eyes, intellect and audition are scarce,
      rather very rare. But there are many who desire detailed explanation
      of each and every subtle point....That is where Santmat steps in. It
      caters for the needs and wants of all, literate, uneducated,
      cultured and uncultured regardless of caste, community and

      Santmat is the way of love, mercy, freedom and co-existence. Santmat
      forbids criticism. A follower is strictly instructed to pay homage
      to all the greats of other faiths and treat non-satsangis as
      brothers. Every faith, creed and religion has its own way of
      devotion and the followers observe the tenets thereof according to
      his or her emotional way of thinking or belief. There is diversity
      in Nature itself. Therefore opinions differ and there is no need to
      criticize anyone. One and the same view has never been held,
      observed and accepted by the followers of even one and same Rishi,
      Saint and Guru. Look where you will, you will find, one is different
      from another. No two personalities are alike. No two forms exhibit
      perfect resemblance to each other. That is why Santmat enjoins:
      "Injure not the feelings of others by a word of mouth, thought or
      deed." Non-violence is the cardinal principle.

      The Radhaswami faith is not new. It follows the Saint's Surat Shabd
      Yoga. This Yoga has its roots in the immemorial past. It was known
      to people but there number was limited. In the ages past there was
      more stress on Pran Yoga (Pranayam). This did not permit teachers to
      pay much attention towards the Light and Sound Yoga. The Shabd or
      Surat Shabd Yoga can be traced to Yoga Sutra of Patanjali (the
      founder of Yoga system) and Upanishads, Guru Gorakh Nath's Hymns,
      Buddhist Yogacharya works; Nad Bindu Upanishad is specially
      concerned with it. Its basis is in Rig Veda verse 29. Muslim Sufis
      of yore knew it. They called it "Sultaan Ulazakar" (King of
      Prayers). One order of the Sufis call it "Saut-i-Sarmad" i.e., the
      Divine Song. There are many references in the hymns of Kabir Panth,
      Nanak Panth, Dadu Panth and others. It is very clear that the school
      of Surat Shabda Yoga has existed all the time and its teachings have
      been traditionally handed to posterity from one generation to
      another, from soul to soul and from Guru to disciple.
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