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Letters from the Masters: Huzur Maharaj's Letters to Satsangis

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai: Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and
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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Letters from the Masters: Huzur Maharaj's Letters to Satsangis

      The Supreme Father is, through His grace, regulating every thing
      according to the requirements of each person and you may rest
      assured that He will not withhold any favor when the time arrives
      for it. Eagerness and constant expectation impart motion to the
      wheels of progress and these should be constantly fostered and held
      as signs of sure advancement. You should incessantly knock at the
      door and at the same time have patience to wait till the call is
      answered. Secret grace is, however, working at all times although
      its palpable manifestations are not so often as you wish them to be.
      These will also gradually increase in frequency and the Supreme
      Father will grant you power to better perceive the workings of His
      secret grace.

      It is not proper to force anyone against his will to join; but you
      can pray for them to the Supreme Father.

      Remember the Supreme Father and depend entirely upon His grace and
      mercy wherever you are and exercise ordinary control on your mind
      and thoughts. But sometimes a little liberty should be given to the
      mind to discharge its over-loaded current in some direction little
      or not wholly opposed to your spiritual benefit, and the equilibrium
      restored thereby.

      Go on with your practice as best as you can without paying much
      attention to the non-ableness and disturbing influence of your mind.
      Have perfect faith in the Supreme Father's grace. It will one day
      enable you to overcome all difficulties and obstacles. When your
      efforts fail to put your mind in the right path, pray to the Supreme
      Father for help; and whether it is forthcoming immediately or later
      on, depend upon His mercy and grace to bring round the mind
      gradually. Give up all worldly loves and desires from your heart
      within or internally.

      Remember the Supreme Father and repeat His Holy Name as often as you
      can day and night whether it be for a minute or two only at a time,
      and then you will secure greater help and assistance from above. The
      Grace is sometimes hidden and concealed and there is some advantage
      in its non-appearance to you.

      Yes, you should endeavor to place your full reliance on the merciful
      grace of the Supreme Father Who is always with you and watching your
      interest. Though His mercy and the reasons for His ordinances cannot
      always be observed or understood by human beings, still He is all
      kind and in His kindness does what He thinks proper for His children
      elect. Don't therefore, be disheartened, but be encouraged and go on
      trying your best to become His child and regard Him as your kind,
      merciful and loving Father and love Him and His works accordingly.
      With such determined and persevering efforts you will gradually gain
      more and more ground and lose nothing at any time. If you suspect
      that mercy is withdrawn, this is a mere delusion. Such a state of
      things never occurs though at times when our feeble mind is not at
      rest it may appear so. When you are afflicted with worldly pain or
      anxieties you are helped the more, but this help is not so apparent
      and, therefore, the mind thinks otherwise. Apply yourself to your
      practice and you will find more grace and blessing helping you in
      your course than heretofore.
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