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Remember the Fearless One and Become Fearless -- Banis on Fearlessness

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    [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai: Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and
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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Remember the Fearless One and Become Fearless -- Banis on

      You are the Transcendent. Infinite! Totally infinite!
      Which of Your virtues could I describe?
      They who serve You, who serve You,
      says Nanak the slave, I offer myself to them.

      They who reflect, who reflect upon You,
      they live peacefully in this world.
      They are freed, they are freed who remember the Divine,
      their snare of death is cut.
      They who remember the Fearless One, the Fearless One,
      all their fears are dispelled.
      They who serve, who serve my Beloved,
      they merge with the Divine Form.
      Blessed, blessed are they who remember the Divine.
      Says Nanak the slave, I offer myself to them.

      -- a selection from the Rahiras, in:
      "The Name of My Beloved -- Verses of
      the Sikh Gurus" (Guru Granth and Dasam Granth)
      Nikky Singh,
      The Sacred Literature Trust Series

      Be Not Intimidated By Any Fear

      Be not intimidated by any fear.
      Hold fast to the Naam
      which is always there to help.
      Having come to this world
      I will emancipate the souls
      By giving them the mark of the Sound Current.
      That Living Lord who shatters pride
      And dissolves sin is always there to help.

      -- Dariya Sahib, Saint of Bihar

      One sits fearlessly by repeating God's Name;
      the Negative Power can never consume him.
      When thou ridest the elephant, 0 Dadu,
      then dogs bark in vain.

      When love and devotion arise, one
      is firmly established in blissful meditation.
      With the grace of the Master, he then
      drinks the divine Nectar, 0 Dadu.

      -- Sant Dadu Sahib

      The Soul is astonished to see the delightful activities
      of loving devotees.
      Giving up all fear and regard of the world
      and all sense of worldly honor and shame,
      she abides at the Holy Feet of Guru.

      She always follows the ways
      of Love and Devotion.
      She performs meditation
      with zeal and enthusiasm.

      She always cultivates mutual affection
      with other Satsangi brothers and sisters,
      and all souls.
      She is overjoyed on having Darshan [Vision] of Guru.

      She listens to Guru's discourses,
      full of joy and delight.
      Her inner being is illumined
      as she performs Dhyan.

      As she listens to Shabd
      [Heavenly Music, the Sound Current],
      her Soul ascends to the higher regions.
      She pierces the sky
      and reaches Trikuti.

      After having witnessed Sunn,
      Maha-sunn and Bhanwargupha,
      she halts at Sat Lok,
      Alakh Lok
      and Agam Lok.

      On reaching Radhasoami Dham,
      she is absorbed in ecstatic bliss.
      The cherished desire of her heart
      is now fulfilled.

      -- Huzur Maharaj,
      Prem Bani Radhasoami
      Volume Four

      Whosoever has concentrated his soul has
      been freed from the fear of Death.
      She [the soul] has ascended the Firmament with force,
      and has found refuge at the feet of the Lord.
      She has taken abode in the Infinite Region and has attained union
      with the Beloved.

      Lightning flashed in my eye, 0 friend,
      And brightly did shine the Light of the moon.
      I got a glimpse of the Invisible within,
      And thirst and longing for the Lord were aroused.
      My ears received the boon of Unstruck Music,
      And Knowledge came like the explosion of Light, 0 friend.
      Dark clouds began to scatter and the sight Of the Divine Mansion was
      revealed unto me.
      Beyond the sun, the moon and the tunnel,
      Tulsi beheld the abode of the Lord Almighty.

      Within thine own self, behold the splendor of thy Beloved.

      -- Tulsi Sahab - Saint of Hathras

      Celestial Music is heard in the house
      which is blessed:
      In that fortunate home where the Lord's
      power is manifested,
      There rings the Melody Divine.
      For there He causes one to overcome the
      five passions and one is freed from the
      fear of death.
      Those who have been blessed with the
      preordained destiny by God are attuned to
      the Name.
      They become peaceful, and the Divine Music rings in that home.

      -- Guru Amar Das, "Peace Lagoon" translation of the Guru Granth

      Kabir says: "O Sadhu! hear
      my deathless words. If you
      want your own good, examine and
      consider them well.
      You have estranged yourself from the
      Creator, of whom you have sprung:
      you have lost your reason, you
      have bought death.
      All doctrines and all teachings are
      sprung from Him, from Him they
      grow: know this for certain, and
      have no fear.
      Hear from me the tidings of this great
      Whose name do you sing, and on whom
      do you meditate? O, come forth
      from this entanglement!
      He dwells at the heart of all things, so
      why take refuge in empty desolation?
      If you place the Guru at a distance
      from you, then it is but the distance
      that you honor:
      If indeed the Master be far away, then
      who is it else that is creating this
      When you think that He is not here,
      then you wander further and
      further away, and seek Him in
      vain with tears.
      Where He is far off, there He is
      unattainable: where He is near, He
      is very bliss."
      Kabir says: "Lest His servant should
      suffer pain He pervades him
      through and through."
      Know yourself then, O Kabir; for He
      is in you from head to foot.
      Sing with gladness, and keep your seat
      unmoved within your heart.

      -- Sant Kabir
      Songs of Kabir
      Rabindranath Tagore
      Samuel Weiser Books
      ISBN 0-87728-695-7
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