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The Cry of the Soul, Part One

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
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      {Radhasoami Quotes -- The Spiritual Classics of the Radhasoami Faith}

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      The Cry of the Soul, Part One

      Every story of angelic rescue, every miracle begins with a Cry For
      Help. Out of the darkness a Light appears. The Rescuer of Souls, the
      Satguru comes and shares his Radiant Light, freeing souls, taking
      them Above.

      The following is from a section of the Sar Bachan Radhaswami Poetry,
      Volume Two, titled: "Cry For Help -- Prayers For Grace and Mercy".

      You have come down here from the Highest Abode. Then why this delay
      now? Accomplish my task at the earliest. You are munificent. Do not
      make delay.

      Distressed and distracted, I invoke You. I enshrine none else in my

      You are the real prop and support of my life. I look for You like the
      shell awaiting Swanti rain.

      Now embed pearls of Nam are within me. Fulfill my heart's desire.
      Elevate my Surat and mind, and complete my journey successfully this
      time through.

      The ocean of worldly existence is shoreless. All are being drowned in
      it. This existence is all unreal. Deception has been taken as true.

      This deception cannot be removed without Sat Guru. Without Shabd, the
      Surat-soul has to wander here and there.

      Therefore, I look to Your shelter and protection. How am I to awake
      from this sleep?

      Without Your grace, all remedies have failed. I discard them all. My
      strength and vigor are of no avail. I am entangled in the meshes of

      Except grace, no remedy comes to my mind. If you choose to grant me
      Your grace, then only something may occur to my mind.

      Only a particle of Nam will accomplish my task. 0 Sat Guru! My honor
      is in Your hands.

      I have cried enough. 0 Radhasoami ! Rescue me. Save me.

      Enjoy the bliss of Nam, the gift of the Master. Let your mind and
      soul be drenched in the bliss of Shabd.

      Annihilate pride and ego. You will get peace.

      Pay heed to the words of Guru. Be on guard against the trickeries of

      Reverse the direction of the spirit current within yourself day and
      night. Infatuation and attachment will be vanquished.

      Apply your Surat and hear Shabd. Ascend to Gagan and have a full view
      of it.

      All troubles created by the mind will be removed.
      Radhasoami Himself helps others to cross the ocean of this world.

      -- Soami Ji Maharaj
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