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Dissolving into the Unspeakable

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhasoami Quotes -- The Spiritual Classics of the Radhasoami Faith} (For those of you
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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhasoami Quotes -- The Spiritual Classics of the Radhasoami Faith}

      (For those of you who are subscribed to all three main groups, please
      forgive the duplication. Rarely do I post the same message to all
      groups, but I wanted to do this today.)

      Sant Mat Studies

      Dissolving into the Unspeakable

      Earlier today in an email, a friend wrote:

      There is a "line" where all mysticism
      dissolves into the Unspeakable.

      Poetry alone approaches the line and
      can help one across.

      In this communication I was discussing how much my understanding of
      Sant Mat has been transformed by having access to all this wonderful
      and divinely inspired mystic-poetry; also the traditional music
      (banis, bhajans) of the Sants. Sharing this literature is one of the
      main reasons why I founded these Yahoo groups on the Path.

      If in one's perception Sant Mat is limited to a "1960's" new agey
      path of secular out-of-body technology cut off from ahimsa and
      bhakti, the traditional poetry of the Sants will cure that ill and
      provide a glimpse of the true spirit of classic Sant Mat as practiced
      over many generations and centuries in India. A presentation of
      teachings about out-of-body travel divorced from the other key
      elements of the Path, cut of from the other important areas of
      spiritual development, is sort of like desiring a "one night stand"
      in some astral nether region......not exactly what the Masters have
      in mind. To be sure, inner travel though various planes is indeed
      very much central to the meditation practice, but Sant Mat has a
      holistic vision of both inner and outer existence in harmony with the
      values of the soul -- our true identity. The Path of the Masters
      gives us a new awareness within as well as a new vision for living on
      earth. Bow and pray in any direction. There is no place where God is

      Our *intent* seems to govern where we go during meditation. Our
      *intent* during simran makes all the difference. If simran is
      repeating a dry magic mantra, then this is all it will be. If our
      simran is a calling out to our Beloved, then for us it shall be that.
      Love is the key that unlocks the Door of the heavens -- the Far
      Country of the Nameless One, and this what the Saints have been
      saying since the beginning of time. Sach Khand (Radhasoami Dham) has
      been described by the Saints as the Ocean of Love.

      Traditional Sant Mat is a combination of bhakti (love and devotion),
      ahimsa (peaceful ethics, non-violence in thought, word, and deed,
      Golden Rule and Ten Commandment stuff), and Surat Shabd Yoga
      (mystical experiences of the inner Light and Sound of God).

      I am convinced that mystic-poetry is the highest expression of
      earthly language. It's definitely more than just a right-brained way
      to learn, though the Masters have indeed used music and poetry to
      teach their followers, but there's much more to it than that. From-
      the-heart poetic expressions of devotion inform us of divine truths,
      but when our ears are being caressed by this talk of the Beloved, we
      are actually being pulled from the world of words, ideas and images
      into the Unspeakable realms beyond all language.

      The banis of the Saints take us by the hand (heart) and escort us to
      heaven's Door. Beyond this, words are no more. What remains is
      communion with the Beloved in the Abode of Love, the Secret Place of
      the Most High, the Bridal Chamber of the Heart (the Seat of the Soul).

      I have found a Sea of Love, an inexhaustible flood; I have opened a
      treasure of spiritual knowledge, it diffuses the light of a million
      suns, arisen in Thy worshipper's souls. (Saint Tukarama)

      The RS Book Department has published many wonderful volumes in
      their 'Mystics of the East Series', verses and psalms of: Sant
      Namdev, Kabir, Guru Nanak, Dadu, Mirabai, Tukarama, Dariya Sahib, and
      other Masters. For info on "The Mystics of the East Series," and
      price list, write: Science of the Soul Study Center, Attn: RS BOOKS,
      4115 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville, NC 28306.

      The book, "Streams of Nectar," by Sant Darshan Singh, contains the
      poetry of eighteen different Sants, Sufis, and other mystics along
      with commentary! Write: SK Publications, 4 South 175 Naperville Road,
      Naperville, IL 60563.

      Some of this blissful and loving literature of the Saints is now
      online as well. The Khalsa Consensus translation of the Adi Granth
      is available for free, all 1,432 pages-worth! They must have a
      complete server dedicated to this ONE WEBSITE since it's so HUGE!!!

      **Go to: http://www.sikhs.org/english/eg_index.htm

      Also, many songs of Guru Kabir are now available online. These are
      very beautiful as they were compiled by Rabindranath Tagore, who was
      himself a great poet and mystic soul of Bengal.

      **Go to:

      Many samples of the psalms of Nanak and the Adi Granth/Sikh
      Scriptures, Kabir, Dadu, Dariya, Mirabai, Swami Ji, Tulsi Sahib,
      Namdev, Gharab Das, Kamal, Dharam Das, Tukarama, Ravi Das, and many
      other classic Sants, can be found by typing in their name(s) in the
      search engine at:

      **The Sant Mat Fellowship Message Archives:

      Also included in the archive of past posts you will find Sufi poets,
      including Rumi, Hafiz, Sarmad, Hazrat Bahu, Rabia of Basra,
      Bullah Shah, Fakhruddin 'Iraqi and other lovers of the Beloved.

      If you have a Christian background, there is a wonderful, divinely
      inspired (and inspiring) collection of Rumi-like psalms that may
      interest you called, "The Odes of Solomon". These date back to the
      First Century AD and were composed in the Syriac dialect of the
      Aramaic language. The Odes are online too.

      **The James Charlesworth translation:

      **This site has a few Odes translated by J. Rendel Harris:

      Below are selections from the Adi Granth as well as from the Tagore
      translation of Kabir.


      Have a great week!

      In the Light and Sound of the Beloved,

      Sant Mat Fellowship

      Sample of the Khalsa Consensus Translation of the Adi Granth:

      Subduing their desires, they merge with the True One;
      they see in their minds that everyone comes and goes in
      Serving the True Guru, they become stable forever,
      and they obtain their dwelling in the home of the self. || 3 ||

      Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad,
      the Lord is seen within one's own heart.
      Through the Shabad, I have burned my emotional attachment to Maya.
      I gaze upon the Truest of the True, and I praise Him.
      Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, I obtain the True One. || 4 ||

      Those who are attuned to Truth are blessed with the Love of the True
      Those who praise the Lord's Name are very fortunate.
      Through the Word of His Shabad, the True One blends with Himself,
      those who join the True Congregation and
      sing the Glorious Praises of the True One. || 5 ||

      We could read the account of the Lord, if He were in any account.
      He is Inaccessible and Incomprehensible;
      through the Shabad, understanding is obtained.
      Night and day, praise the True Word of the Shabad.
      There is no other way to know His Worth. || 6 ||

      People read and recite until they grow weary,
      but they do not find peace.
      Consumed by desire, they have no understanding at all.
      They purchase poison, and they are thirsty with their fascination for
      Telling lies, they eat poison. || 7 ||

      By Guru's Grace, I know the One.
      Subduing my sense of duality, my mind is absorbed into the True One.
      O Nanak, the One Name is pervading deep within my mind;
      by Guru's Grace, I receive it. || 8 || 17 || 18 ||

      (By Guru Amar Das Ji)

      In all colors and forms, You are pervading.
      People die over and over again;
      they are re-born, and make their rounds on the wheel of
      You alone are Eternal and Unchanging, Inaccessible and Infinite.
      Through the Guru's Teachings, understanding is imparted. || 1 ||

      I am a sacrifice, my soul is a sacrifice,
      to those who enshrine the Lord's Name in their minds.

      The One Light is all-pervading; only a few know this.
      Serving the True Guru, this is revealed.
      In the hidden and in the obvious, He is pervading all places.
      Our light merges into the Light. || 2 ||

      The world is burning in the fire of desire,
      in greed, arrogance and excessive ego.
      People die over and over again;
      they are re-born, and lose their honor.
      They waste away their lives in vain. || 3 ||

      Those who understand the Word of the Guru's Shabad are very rare.
      Those who subdue their egotism, come to know the three worlds.
      Then, they die, never to die again.
      They are intuitively absorbed in the True One. || 4 ||

      They do not focus their consciousness on Maya again.
      They remain absorbed forever in the Word of the Guru's Shabad.
      They praise the True One, who is contained deep within all hearts.
      They are blessed and exalted by the Truest of the True. || 5 ||

      Praise the True One, who is Ever-present.
      Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, He is pervading everywhere.
      By Guru's Grace, we come to behold the True One;
      from the True One, peace is obtained. || 6 ||

      The True One permeates and pervades the mind within.
      The True One is Eternal and Unchanging;
      He does not come and go in reincarnation.
      Those who are attached to the True One are immaculate and pure.
      Through the Guru's Teachings, they merge in the True One. || 7 ||

      Praise the True One, and no other. Serving Him, eternal peace is

      Sample of the Tagore Translation of Kabir ("Songs of Kabir", Samuel
      Weiser Books)

      Onkâr siwae kôî sirjai

      ALL things are created by the Om;
      The love-form is His body.
      He is without form, without quality, without decay:
      Seek thou union with Him!
      But that formless God takes a thousand forms in the eyes of His
      He is pure and indestructible,
      His form is infinite and fathomless,
      He dances in rapture, and waves of form arise from His dance.
      The body and the mind cannot contain themselves, when they are
      touched by His great joy.
      He is immersed in all consciousness, all joys, and all sorrows;
      He has no beginning and no end;
      He holds all within His bliss.

      Satguru sôî dayâ kar dînhâ

      IT is the mercy of my true Guru that has made me to know the unknown;
      I have learned from Him how to walk without feet, to see without
      eyes, to hear without ears, to drink without mouth, to fly
      without wings;
      I have brought my love and my meditation into the land where there is
      no sun and moon, nor day and night.
      Without eating, I have tasted of the sweetness of nectar; and without
      water, I have quenched my thirst.
      Where there is the response of delight, there is the fullness of joy.
      Before whom can that joy be uttered?
      Kabîr says: "The Guru is great beyond words, and great is the good
      fortune of the disciple." /////
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