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Helping Factors on the Path, Part One

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    [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhasoami Quotes -- The Spiritual Classics of the Radhasoami Faith} Helping Factors on
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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhasoami Quotes -- The Spiritual Classics of the Radhasoami Faith}

      Helping Factors on the Path, Part One

      It does not matter if your bhakti (devotion, love)
      is imperfect. Perform bhakti! Radhasoami graciously
      declares that you should perform bhakti in whichever
      way you can. Fear not. He will grant you the Treasure
      of Love. You will be a recipient of the Gift of Love.
      -- Soami Ji Maharaj, "Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry"


      Those who have joined the Radhasoami Faith, and are regularly
      performing Sumiran [Simran], Dhyan, and Surat Shabd practices every
      day, enjoy the fascination of Form in Dhyan (contemplation) and the
      bliss of Shabd in Bhajan for quite sometime and consequently they
      feel happiness and bliss. But sometimes it so happens that Shabd is
      not distinctly perceived, nor does the mind feel attracted towards
      it, and very little or no delight is experienced in Dhyan.
      Consequently they get worried and begin to complain, mope and feel
      dejected and then become very lukewarm and listless in their

      Both these conditions come upon a sincere devotee by grace and Mauj
      (Divine Ordainment). In the former state, i. e., when delight and
      bliss are experienced in Dhyan and Bhajan, grace and mercy of
      Radhasoami Dayal are manifest; in the latter state, when very little
      delight and bliss are felt in Dhyan and Bhajan, or say none at all
      for a day or two, the mercy of Radhasoami Dayal is not palpably felt.
      Therefore, the mind feels worried and thinks that the grace has
      receded, or the Lord is displeased for one reason or the other and
      hence the bliss, so far experienced by him, has disappeared or

      But one must understand that in the latter condition as well, as
      mentioned above, the grace is there. There may be three reasons for
      the disappearance or diminution of bliss in Dhyan and Bhajan and they
      are detailed below together with the corresponding remedies therefor.


      THE FIRST REASON is a chance association with some utterly worldly
      minded persons or calumniators whose pronouncements, taunts and
      ridicule, antagonistic to Parmarth (religion), or calumnious
      utterances in regard to Radhasoami Faith, which give rise to delusion
      or indifference in one's mind. While performing devotional practices,
      those utterances are recalled and they tend to dry or stale all
      feelings of love and yearning. Whenever this happens, the mind and
      spirit become morbid and all interest. and delight fade. [To be

      -- Huzur Maharaj, "Prem Patra Radhasoami," Volume One
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