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The Voyage Home Part 19: Sach Khand

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    From: [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhasoami Quotes -- The Spiritual Classics of the Radhasoami Faith} The Voyage
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      From: [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhasoami Quotes -- The Spiritual Classics of the Radhasoami Faith}

      The Voyage Home (Story of Genesis, Creation/Evolution in Sant Mat),
      Part 19: Sach Khand

      The following is from the book "Enchanted Land," published by the
      MSAC Philosophy Group, a section titled, THE JOURNEY, A Voyage of
      Light & Sound, the Inner Ascent:


      Sach Khand

      "the true realm"

      On crossing this place, the spirit entity reached the outpost of Sat
      Lok, where melodious sounds of "Sat Sat" and "Haq Haq" were heard as
      though coming out of vina (harp). On hearing this, the spirit
      penetrated further on rapturously. There rose to view the silver and
      golden streams full of nectar, and vast gardens, each tree thereof is
      one crore yojans in height, and crores of suns and moons hang from
      them as flowers and fruits. Innumerable spirits and Hansas sing,
      chatter, and play on those trees like birds. The wondrous beauty of
      this region is ineffable. While enjoying it, the spirit entered Sat
      Lok and came into the presence of Sat Purush. Now as regards the
      glory of the person of Sat Purush, each hair of His is so brilliant
      that crores of suns and moons look pale in comparison. How may one
      describe His eyes, nose, ears, face, hands, and feet; They are all
      nothing but refulgence, even to describe them as oceans of light does
      not give the remotest idea adequately. After witnessing the glory of
      this region the spirit proceeded on to Alakh Lok and got darshan of
      Alakh Purush. Thereafter the spirit entity went on and attained Agam
      Lok. The spirit entity sojourned there a long time and on going
      beyond, it got the darshan of Radhasoami, that is, Anami Purush, and
      merged in Him. Radhasoami Dham is boundless, infinite, endless and
      immeasurable. It is the Nij Sthan, the special resting place of Sants
      (Faqirs). That region is the Ultima Thule of all Sants, and all
      speech and description end here.

      --Shiv Dayal Singh, Hidayatnama

      [Sach Khand; Sat Nam]

      Though it has been a long time coming, the soul after traversing the
      lower realms finally reaches its real home, Sach Khand (true region),
      where even the subtlest duality between the spirit and God are
      transcended. The Supreme Being, Sat-Chit-Ananda (Truth, Existence,
      Bliss), is found in Its pure form only in this region, the saints
      stress. All of the previous planes of existence are but reflections
      of this infinite abode (Shiv Dayal Singh, 1970).

      On being admitted to Sat Purush's court, the soul revels in delight,
      for the inner guru has delivered what he promised: God realization.
      However, a curious thing happens when the student beholds the Supreme
      Lord for the first time; the guru is seen as not different from Sat
      Purush, but rather they are one and inseparable. All along it was not
      just a human being or an inner spirit guiding the yearning soul but,
      according to the Saints, the Absolute itself.

      Now, at this crucial transformation, the student realizes the Supreme
      Truth that he/she is also not separate from the divine master or the
      Lord but in eternal unity with them. This enlightenment, unlike the
      partial glimpses of insight in the intermediary realms, is permanent
      and lasting; it is the very root of all manifestations, projections,
      and creations. One without a second; infinity without measure.

      Although Sach Khand is the last and final stage, according to the
      Saints, there are three further levels within it of intensification:
      alakh (invisible), agam (inaccessible), and anami (nameless). Upon
      merging with Sat Purush, the spirit is taken up further into the very
      depths of the Absolute, experiencing what no words or approximations
      can adequately describe. Shiv Dayal Singh (1970) says it is
      but "wonder, wonder, wonder; wonder hath assumed a form." Faqir
      Chand, in this usual iconoclastic manner, describes the highest state
      as follows: "Beyond Agam is only realization. I do know that there is
      something in me that listens to the Supreme Shabd. What is that? That
      I do not know... I used to listen to bells, thunders, and vina, but
      now I listen only to one sound, which is an unbreakable tune, about
      which I cannot say any word. It is what it is. Now at this age of
      ninety two years I do not care for the Sound and Light too. Why?
      Because Light is seen by Me (Sat Purush/Anami) and Sound is heard by
      Me. Then who is great? Light or Sound or He who sees it and listens
      to it? So far, my realization is concerned, bubble will merge in the
      ocean. Light will merge in the Light...." (Faqir Chand, 1978)

      According to the Saints it should be remembered that Sat Purush is
      not some mysterious God which is vastly greater than our limited
      selves. Rather, it is, in the most profound sense, our very beings.
      We are not less than it, nor greater than it. . . we are it. No
      subject, no object, just pure unqualified Being in an ocean of
      infinite creative power. It may appear that the Master and God are
      separate from the disciple, but in truth they are but expressions of
      the same Whole, the same One (Charan Singh, 1979).
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