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48Radhasoami Questions and Answers

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  • sant_mat_gnosis
    Dec 13, 2001
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      From: Radhasoami Reality:

      Radhasoami Questions and Answers

      Nij Updesh Radhasoami (SPECIAL TEACHINGS OF RADHASOAMI), by Huzur

      Question One: Who am I and what is my real swarup (form)? Here I
      undergo pain and pleasure. Is there any place where pure, everlasting
      and perfect happiness and bliss are available, without the least
      trace of pain and anguish, and where I too may become free from

      Answer: You are an ansha (emanation, ray, drop, particle) of the
      Supreme Creator Sat Purush Radhasoami. Your real form is that of
      Surat (spirit) or Shabd (sound). You undergo pain and pleasure here
      owing to your association with Kal (mind) and Maya (matter). If you
      repair to Sat Lok and Radhasoami Dham, you will become immortal.
      There you will get pure, everlasting and perfect happiness, and
      bliss, free from pain and anguish.

      Question 2: By what path and practice can one reach there?

      Answer: The path can be traversed by the practice of Surat Shabd
      Yoga, which consists in attentively listening to Shabd (sound) within
      oneself and catching hold of its current or resonance, present in
      the innermost recesses of every being and object. This path goes
      through the Eye, and there are several stages on the way.

      Question 3: From whom can the secrets of the path and the method of
      listening to Shabd be learnt? What are the rules and regulations to
      be followed and the abstinences and restrictions to be observed for
      treading the path?

      Answer: The secrets and the method can be learnt from the Sant Sat
      Guru who has Himself access to the Original Abode or from Sadh Guru
      who has already covered some distance and is nearing the destination.
      The practice of Surat Shabd Yoga can easily be performed by bringing
      faith and belief in the teachings of, and engendering love in, Sat
      Purush Radhasoami and the Sant Sat Guru, and by adopting their saran,
      i.e., taking refuge in them.

      Surat is chaitanya (life, energy, vitality, spirituality), and this
      alone is the source of happiness, bliss and knowledge, and the
      embodiment of Shabd (sound). In this world, it is concealed under
      innumerable covers or wrappers or layers of mind and matter. To go on
      reducing the entanglements in these covers day by day, and discarding
      the tendencies induced by them, and ultimately securing complete
      detachment from them by love and devotion to the Holy Feet and the
      performance of the spiritual practices, are the rules of conduct to
      be observed and followed. To become one day pure Chaitanya Swarup
      (pure spirit, absolutely free from mind and matter) is the aim or the
      result of the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga. To gain admittance to the
      Nij Dham, i.e., to Sat Lok and Radhasoami Dham, from where Surat had
      originally descended is true and complete salvation.