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477May Sant Mat Radio Satsang Podcast - Click To Listen

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  • SantMatMysticism@gmail.com
    Apr 30, 2009

      May Sant Mat Radio Satsang Podcast - Click To Listen

      Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 by SantMat_Mystic_(James) : SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com SantMat_Mystic_(James)

      May Sant Mat Radio Satsang Podcast - Click To Listen

      To Access This Podcast, GO TO:

      Satsang Podcast Includes:

      Readings from the Dasam Granth,

      a Bhajan of Guru Kabir,

      The Four Meditation Practices of Sant Mat,

      Encyclopaedia of Saints of India, Volume 19: Radhasoami - on the practice of Dhyan - contemplation of the form of the Master - also about Inner Light and the Radiant Form of the Master (Inner Guide),

      Two Reflections on the Spiritual Journey:
      1) 'There is No Vatican of the Spirit';
      2) 'Do You Remember Who You Were Before Time Began?' and,

      Readings from the Sant Dariya Website about the Life and Teachings of Sant Dariya Sahib - also mentioning that Sant Dariya appointed two spiritual successors/Sant Sat Gurus to carry on after him, and that this Dariya Branch of Sant Mat is still alive, still exists in India, and has "two hundred Sants" according to the webmaster of the Sant Dariya website.

      The program concludes with a couple more bhajans of Guru Kabir.

      In the Love, Light, and Sound of the Beloved Sat Purush,

      Sant Mat Fellowship