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470Women Mystics: Sant Daya Bai and Verse by Mirabai

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  • Sant Mat Mysticism
    Nov 8, 2008
      Women Mystics: Sant Daya Bai and Verse by Mirabai

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      Daya Bai was a disciple of Sant Charan Das of Delhi and friend of Sahjo Bai. She was born around 1700 and eventually wrote the book of Daya Bodh ("Wisdom of Daya"). The Vinaymalika is also attributed to her.

      Some Mystic Verses of Sant Daya Bai

      My heart burns, O RAM [God], with the fire of separation;
      I yearn to behold you, O lovely enchanter of my heart.

      I am perpetually tormented by the anguish
      of separation;
      O come to me on the waves of compassion
      and do not torture me.

      The path of love is a very difficult one
      and the world cannot understand it.
      He alone can know its ups and downs
      who has himself experienced its pain.

      Says Daya, repeat the Name of the Lord
      which alone is the True Essence in this world.
      By repeating the Lord's Name,
      you become the Lord Himself
      and come to know of the Supreme Secret.

      --- Sant Daya Bai

      O Lord, I am mad for Your love,
      but who can understand my pain?
      None but the wounded can know of the
      anguish of the wounded.

      --- Sant Mira Bai