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379Re: [Radhasoami] Our path is not an easy one......

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  • cp sharma
    Dec 13, 2006
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      Yes, indeed, it is very difficult to control the mind, Dharampal Ji.

      In this regard, try to understand discourse no. 47 of HH P.G Huzur Maharaj Sahib (extract)

      "This can be successfully done only when the devotee has no ties and desires. To find out what the Mauj is and to act in conformity with it is nothing short of the performance of practices. Whenever the devotee commits any fault, he should feel ashamed and repentent and should also pray to the Lord for protection in future. If he does so he has applied the corrective.The undesireable tendency of the mind would thus be removed gradually and the performance of practices would simultaneously change the plane of his mind and spirit ie his mind and spirit would go on ascending to higher ansd spiritual regions and would leave the dirty region. Thus one day , his object would be achieved.

      The devotee should never hasten matters or feel disappointed, for true devotees and those who sincerely surrender themselves zre mercuifully embraced."

      I hope this makes every thing clear.
      With regards and best of wishes,

      With regards
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