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353Introduction to the Radhasoami Faith -- Radhasoami Mat Prakash E-Book Online

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  • Sant Mat Mysticism
    Aug 16, 2006
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      Introduction to the Radhasoami Faith -- Radhasoami Mat Prakash E-
      Book Online

      Radhasoami Reality:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Radhasoami Mat Prakash, E-Book Online:

      * Preface:

      * Contents:

      * Bachan 1-10:

      * Bachan 11-20:

      * Bachan 21-30:

      * Bachan 31-40:

      * Bachan 41-50:

      * Bachan 51-61:


      Radhasoami - the Holy Name of the Supreme Being.
      Three Factors in Creation.
      Our Solar System belongs to the third degree.
      Correspondence of Macrocosm with Microcosm.
      The Supreme Being distinguished from the Gods of other religions.
      The second and third degrees contain Spirit and Matter, the former
      predominates in the second, and the latter in the third degree.
      Necessity of Matter in the second and third degrees.
      The ascending and descending scales in Creation.
      The Special and Beloved Sons of the Supreme Being or Sants.
      One should look for a Sant or Sadh to approach the Supreme Being.
      Definition of Sant Sat Guru.
      Definition of Sadh Guru and Satsangi.
      The Supreme Being is both personal and impersonal.
      Definition of true salvation.
      Spirit entity, subject to birth and rebirth in the second and third
      Radhasoami Faith not built on scriptures of any religion - The
      efficacy of Surat-Shabd-Yog testified by inspired religions.
      The internal sound current is the means of raising spirit,
      difference of Dhunyatmak and Varnatmak names. The power of Sound
      Current or Shabd.
      The state of Spirit entity in the third degree - The change of its
      powers with the change of its spheres.
      The method of taking back the Spirit entity to its original source
      is to ride the sound current.
      Testimony of sound as given by other religions.
      The Shabd of Radhasoami Faith distinguished from that of other
      The efficacy of the real name or sound to approach the center from
      which it emanates.
      Necessity of sincere prayer.
      Necessity of sincere love for the Supreme Being.
      Necessary restrictions as regards mode of living.
      Definition of good and bad acts.
      Brotherhood of Radhasoami Faith - place of worship - offering of
      flower garland.
      Radhasoami faith consists in four words.
      Superiority of Sound Practice (Surat-Shabd-Yog) over external
      religious observances.
      Description of three natural states - wakefulness, dream and sound
      The mode of devotion as prescribed by Radhasoami Faith is the only
      means to approach the Supreme Being.
      This mode of devotion is free from all risk and danger and can
      easily be practiced by men and women of any age, literate or
      Pran Yoga discarded as dangerous and unnecessary.
      Evidence of the existence of God, the almighty - the essence of God
      and Spirit entity is the same - It is an emanation of Him.
      The above statement illustrated.
      Bachak Gyan (Sophistry) and Idolatry.
      Shabd or Word is not originally the result of vibratory motion or
      the property of Ether as supposed by certain class of thinkers.
      What is Truth?
      How to attain or realize this Truth?
      What is True religion?
      What is True salvation?
      Luminous and dark rays.
      Absolute necessity for Spiritual devotion.
      The work of salvation can be can be carried on in human body only. A
      devotee is not required to quit his family and profession.
      The Sphere of True salvation.
      Three powers of human beings - Physical, Intellectual & Mental, and
      The advisability of awakening and developing Spiritual Powers.
      Love for Supreme Being.
      Necessity of a contemporary Sant Sat Guru.
      Distinguishing features of Sant Sat Guru or True Guide (adept).
      How a sincere devotee will act when he meets a Sant Sat Guru.
      Atheist labouring under a mistake.
      Matter and Motion.
      Transmigration of Soul.
      Description of Karma - reduction and obliteration of their effects.
      Description of four Principal Personages concerned in the practice
      of Radhasoami Faith.
      The work of regeneration.
      Radhasoami Faith is open to all mankind, who may or may not renounce
      their old creed.
      People desirous of seeing miracles etc., unfit to follow Radhasoami
      Faith and practice devotion prescribed by it.