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352Sweet Words

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  • Sant Mat Mysticism
    Aug 10, 2006
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      Sweet Words


      Radhasoami Reality:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      1008 Kabir Vani
      Nectar of Truth and Knowledge
      Essence of the Collection of Saakhis
      in Simple Language and Style
      A Divine collection of incomparable 1008 nectarous Saakhis
      collected from the Saakhi Compilation of
      Satya Purush Sadguru Kabir Saheb

      Compiled by Lalchand Doohan Jigyasu
      Translated by Kunwar Anil Kumar
      Manoj Publications


      Shabda Samhaare Boliye, Shabda Ke Haath Na Paanv.
      Ek Shabda Aushadhi Kare, Ek Shabda Kare Ghaav..36..

      One must exercise extreme control while speaking because words have
      no hands and feet of their own. They may roll down in any direction,
      if spoken without exercising proper control. A word may be capable
      of bringing comfort and working like medicine and, another word may
      just as well be very distressful and shocking.

      Shabda Ju Aisaa Boliye, Tan Kaa Aapaa Khoye.
      Auran Ko Sheetal Kare, Aapan Ko Sukh Hoye..37..

      Forget the ego of your self and speak only sweet words, so that
      others feel happy. If everyone becomes happy, you too will feel
      happy (it is automatic that you feel happy when others are happy).

      Jihi Shabde Dukh Naa Lage, Soyee Shabda Uchaar.
      Tapat Mitee Seetal Bhayaa, Soyee Shabda Tatasaar..38..

      Speak only what does not cause pain to others; a word that
      may bring comfort to the hearts of others; a word which is nothing
      but a word of ultimate truth (one must speak only what brings
      comfort and, causes welfare to others).

      Jibhyaa Jin Bas Mein Karee, Tin Bas Kiyo Jahaan.
      Nahin To Ougun Oopaje, Kahi gab Sant Sujaan..40..

      One, who exercises control over one's tongue, can win the hearts of
      everyone in the world. And if one does not do so, the saints say
      that, it will cause vices to dominate the body and mind of the

      Satyanam Satyanam Satyanam