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343Table Talk- PG Huzur Sahib Ji Maharaj

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  • cp sharma
    Jul 4, 2006
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      Bachan No.III

      When you happen to fall into the clutches of a misfortune, do not get bewildered, for you are not alone. Radhasoami Dayal, your guardian and protector, is always with you. It is true that everything may not turn out just as you desire, but remember that, with the protecting Hand of the Merciful Father resting on your head, no real injury can ever happen to your spiritual interests. If, at times, it is ordained that you should receive some chastisement as a corrective, then even the Hand of Mercy will be with you.

      Verily, the Guru is the potter, the disciple the earthen pot:

      Like the potter, doth He beat the disciple into shape; Lending the support of His Hand internally,

      He plieth the pallet externally.

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