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328Get some Bliss and Joy from Meditation - Radhasoami Catechism

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    May 4, 2006
      "Get some Bliss and Joy" from Meditation - Radhasoami Catechism and
      Meditation Instructions

      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Q. What is jnan?

      A. To have the vision of the Supreme Lord Radhasoami Dayal on
      reaching beyond Sat Loka, Alakh Loka and Agam Loka and to attain
      Supreme bliss and to completely become Shabda and Prem Swarup
      [realizing one's true nature or spiritual form of love] is known as
      jnan. On reaching this stage the abhyasi [meditation practitioner]
      gets beyond the limits of the entire Maya [illusion] and creation.
      This very thing is known as unalloyed devotion and real moksha
      (liberation, deliverance). In the religion of saints, the karmas of
      previous yugas and upasana [worship] of gods and idols and the
      knowledge purely derived from learning is considered of no
      significance because nothing can be gained from it and it amounts to
      useless waste of one's time and the dissipating of one's body, mind
      and wealth. And apart from it, no one has even capability enough to
      act in these days in accordance with the rules of karma and upasana
      of the past yugas [epochs, ages]. On this account no one is able to
      perform those karmas [actions] according to the rules, instead
      ahamkara [ego, sense of duality and separateness from others] is
      developed. On seeing the weak condition of the jivas [souls] of
      these times, Saints, specially Radhasoami Dayal, has pointed out
      such a method of karma and upasana as everyone, rich and poor can
      perform at every time and every place, can perform it without
      anyone's help and with ease and can derive great benefit there from
      in a short time and that method is the following:

      (1) The doing of seva [service] of the Satguru of the time with
      body, mind and wealth as much as possible, the attending of His
      Satsang outwardly with attention, the internal repetition of the
      Holy Name. The giving of aid to the needy and the poor without
      thinking of fame, irrespective of any day or fixed day of festival,
      according to one's capability and the reciting of the Bani [hymns,
      mystical poems] of the Saints with concentration and attention
      everyday which contains no other description except the praise of
      the Lord and love and devotion and the description of the internal
      abhyas of Surat Shabda Yoga and which contains no stories or fables,
      is the karma [actions].

      (2) Performing with attention the practice of internal Dhyan
      [contemplating the inner Light or form of the Master] which the
      Satguru may direct, to hear the Shabda [inner Sound] internally with
      the Surat [soul's attention], outwardly to hear the discourse of the
      Satguru of the time or of a true devoted Satsangi in Satsang with
      attention and concentration and to follow such of the things there
      from with true yearning and love after choosing such as may be
      applicable to one's own self and increasing love and devotion day by
      day, that is, love and faith in the Feet of the True Lord Radhasoami
      Dayal, is upasana.

      (3) And when both these things have been successfully accomplished,
      seeing internally the refulgence of the Form of the true Lord
      Radhasoami and having His vision, the abhyasi will slowly and slowly
      himself become Shabda Swarup in this manner [Shabda Swarup: the soul
      becomes the form of the Sound Current; Prem Swarup: becoming the
      form of love]. This is what is known as jnan.

      -- Huzur Maharaj
      Catechism (Prashnottar) of the Radhasoami Faith

      Meditation Instructions

      The practitioners of Sant Mat should perform meditation daily with
      yearning, zeal and regularity. They should first fix their mind,
      spirit and sight at the Third Eye Center for four or five minutes.
      Thereafter they should direct and fix their Attention at the first
      or second stage, and listen to Shabd [the Inner Sound Current,
      Heavenly Music]. In the practice of Dhyan [contemplation of inner
      Light, or the Form of the Master], they should, fix their sight and
      Attention at that very spot and contemplate the Swarup [Form of the
      Master]. It matters not when the Radiant Form would appear. They
      should not apply pressure while raising the mind and spirit. They
      should, in a natural and easy way, withdraw their mind, Attention
      and sight upwards and fix them at the first stage with the help of
      the Shabd or Swarup. They should avoid all worldly thoughts and must
      not give rise to any impulse or urge, whether of the world or of
      Parmarth [the path of spirituality]. If they observe these
      instructions, they are sure to get some bliss and joy of Shabd or

      -- Huzur Maharaj
      Prem Patra Radhasaomi
      [Love-Discourses of the Lord of the Soul]