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286Excerpts of Swami Ji Maharaj's Commentary on the Jap Ji, Pt 3

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    Jun 15, 2005
      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Excerpts of Swami Ji Maharaj's Commentary on the Jap Ji, Pt 3

      One of the lesser-known books of Soami Ji Maharaj

      Elucidation - Swami Ji's Commentary on the Jap Ji of Guru Nanak

      Vajjhan Saheb has said:

      "Listen to what The LORD Says. Shut your eyes and look at The tenth
      Door. You will Hear ANHAD SHABD, and from a subject you will become
      a sovereign. All the musical sounds are playing within the body.
      What a Melody is being produced. Blessed is he who hears it.".

      It has been said further:

      "Shutting the three openings, be absorbed in ANHAD SHABD. NANAK Says
      that in that Sunn Samadh (Conscious Absorption in rapturous bliss)
      there is neither dusk nor dawn."

      There is yet another saying:

      "Close your eyes, ears and mouth and you will perceive the
      Resplendence of The LORD."

      It has been said:

      "Ever since I heard the Reverberation of ANHAD SHABD, my mind has
      become tame, senses wearied and desires dead and gone. When SURAT
      heard the unalloyed SHABD, the eyes were withdrawn and the body
      become benumbed. every pore of my being is now in a state of
      Rapturous Bliss. I am immersed in SHABD and am inebriated in the
      bliss. It is with great fortune that I have attained such a
      conscious absorption. I have ascended over SHIKAR (SUNN)."

      It is because of that SHABD that the seven Dweeps (islands), Loks
      and infernal region exist. due to That SHABD alone, Kal, that is,
      Devil, cannot exert his force. The saying goes:

      "On hearing Thy Name, the agents of Yama take to their heels,
      with the Help of GURÚ's SHABD, you cross the terribly vast ocean
      of life."

      On hearing This SHABD, you escape from the clutches of the
      messengers of death. GURÚ says it is by virtue of SHABD that a
      devotee is always happy. As he hears that SHABD, all his pains and
      sins come to an end.


      O Hearing that SHABD you attain the status of Ishwar, Brahm and
      Indra. It is due to SHABD that Gandharvas, who sing excellent songs
      to the LORD's Praise, exist. By menas of SHABD you come to know of
      the Method of the Internal Practices of Yoga, and also The Secrets
      of the human microcosm. The Shastras, the Smirits and the Vedas have
      been evolved by SHABD. The origin or source of Vedas is SHABD.


      By the Practice of SHABD, you attain reality, contentment and
      knowledge. By hearing SHABD you imbibe the benefit of ablution at
      the sixty-eight place of pilgrimage. By listening and singing the
      praise of SHABD, you get Honor and Glory at The LORD's Court. By
      SHBAD you perform the DHYAN (Practice of Contemplation) at the
      proper center in the body.


      By hearing SHABD you become the treasure-house of all virtues and
      talents. And by the same SHABD, you attain the status of SAINT,
      GURÚ and PERFECT FAKIR. By listening to SHABD the blind (ignorant
      of the LORD find the path. It is by the practice of SHABD, that you
      can cross the ocean of existence.

      Here are a few sayings regarding ANHAD SHABD:

      "Do you know the distinctive marks of The LORD's Mansion? Know
      that SHABD is resounding there. The ANHAD SHABD Emanation from the
      LORD HIMSELF, is reverberating with a splendid refulgence. Says
      NANAK, GURÚ is with me, and that is why I am a recipient of nine

      "One who sings praise to The LORD and listens to ANHAD SHABD
      will recognize diamond, that is, will gain access to SAT LOK (SACH
      KHAND) and will become a Hans. Whosoever remains engrossed in the
      world, shall not see the diamond, Says Kabir, 'The diamond that is,
      SAT LOK (SACH KAND) which was Unknown was made known by SAT

      "ANHAD SHABD is the capital, the key to which is in the hands of

      "On meeting the SAT GURÚ, my wanderings are stopped. I take my
      Seat in my True Abode. I treasure the Name. Utter The Name and
      remain merged in the Name. Wanderings over, and meeting SAT GURÚ,
      I attain DASWAN DWAR. There, nectar is the feed and incessant is the
      resonance of ANHAD SHABD which is maintaining the entire creation.
      There ANHAD SHABD reverberates all time and I remain merged in
      Truth. Thus, Says NANAK, on meeting the SAT GURÚ, my wanderings
      cease and I get admittance into my true Abode."

      "SIMRAN of the LORD's Name and listening to the reverberations
      of ANHAD SHABD bring everlasting happiness. The denizens of SAT LOK
      (SACH KAND) are in enjoyment of perpetual bliss. Their union with
      SAT PURUSH is inseparable. There in no question of any descent from

      "On Meeting The SAT GURÚ and getting the NAAM. I am filled with
      happiness, Says NANAK. The NAAM emanates from SHABD and it merges in
      SHABD. Without SHABD, the whole world remains duped. Jivas are
      wasting their lives. SHABD alone is AMRIT (Nectar). The GURUMUKH
      will get it, says NANAK."

      "Those who have been blessed with Thy mercy are absorbed in Thy
      Name. He indeed is happy, within whom Resounds the ANHAD SHABD, says

      Without a PERFECT GURÚ, The ANHAD SHABD referred to, can never be
      attained, and a PERFECT GURÚ is who can reveal The Secret of The
      FIVE SHABDS. In one couplet of Granth Saheb, praise for The PERFECT
      GURÚ has found some expression:

      "He Who Showeth Mansions within Mansions is The All-knowing SAT
      GURÚ. FIVE different Sounds are Resounding as the Distinctive
      Features of The Five Respective Spheres."

      Here is a little hint at the praise of PERFECT
      SAT GURÚ by which the seeker will be able to Recognize Him.

      "The PERFECT GURÚ is he who reveals SAT SHABD and enables you to
      adopt it as your Isht or Goal. All else is untrue, says KABIR."

      "When the mind, seated in the body of six charkas, gets detached
      from the world, SURAT will be awakened hearing the reverberation of
      SHABD within."

      "The ANHAD SHABD resounds within and my mind is absorbed in it.
      I have recognised the TRUE NAME of the SUPREME BEING through the
      teachings of the GURÚ."

      (Elucidation of Jap Ji, Agra, India)