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273Anurag Sagar of Kabir -- The Ocean of Love

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    Feb 10, 2005
      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Anurag Sagar of Kabir -- The Ocean of Love, By Sant Dharam Das
      [devotee of Kabir]

      Parmarth [the spiritual Path or Way back to God] is the support of
      the Saint.

      One who gets this from the perfect Master goes to the other shore.

      He gets the knowledge of the true Shabda, and by doing Parmarth
      goes to Sat Lok [True Abode].

      Forgetting himself, he does seva [service]. If he remembers himself
      he suffers a lot.

      A man is very clever as he says, "I have good qualities and

      He calls himself "doer of good karmas," and for the bad karmas he
      says that Hari [God] has done it.

      In this way the good karmas end and, Dharam Das, by touching his
      feet one gets only disappointment.

      One who keeps Naam as the only hope never shows and boasts of
      his good karma.

      He always keeps his attention at the Feet of the Master, as the fish
      never forgets the water.

      He always puts his attention in the Shabda [Word, Sound] of the
      Master, and day and night he sings the praises of the true Naam
      [True Name, Sound Current].

      As the fish never forgets the water, in the same way he accepts the

      The effect of Sat Purush's Naam is such that the Hansa [enlightened
      soul] doesn't come into the world again.

      Definitely he goes to Sat Purush [God]! Dharam Das, it is like the
      nature of the turtle.


      The souls will come running to their home as is the nature of the
      baby turtles;
      The Messengers of Yama [death] will look at them and—becoming
      weak—they will not go near them.

      Becoming fearless, the Hansas will go, reciting the Sat Naam.

      The Hansas will reunite with their family, and all the Messengers of
      Yama will stand there helplessly.


      The Abode of Happiness where the Hansas will live happily is


      And all the Hansas, looking at the Radiance of Sat Purush's Form,
      will become happy.


      By speaking the Anurag Sagar Granth, I have explained to you the
      Secret of the Inaccessible.

      I have described the Drama of Sat Purush, and the deception of
      Kal [lord of death-time-illusion].

      Only the connoisseurs will understand the ways of living and the
      Word of Discrimination.

      One who will accept the Word after testing it, will know the Path to
      the Inaccessible.

      The Summary of the Granth [scripture, this Anurag Sagar]

      Having faith in Master's Feet, and becoming firm in the devotion
      of True Naam,
      One should act like a Sant or a Sati, who burns her body for her

      The Satguru is the Undecaying and Immortal Husband Who never

      I say this by the evidence of Shabda. One who accepts the Immortal
      One becomes Immortal.

      The soul who has hope from the Saint goes to the Immortal Plane.

      O Dharam Das! Awaken your mind and remain absorbed at the
      Feet of the Satguru.

      Keep the mind—the honey bee—in the Beautiful Lotus Feet of the
      And keep your attention at the Feet of the Master. Only then will
      you reach your permanent Home.

      The Union of Surat and Shabda [the soul and the Sound Current] —
      when one gets Shabda, he reaches the realm of the Saints.

      It is the play of the drop and the ocean. What else can one say?
      After meeting the Satguru, one understands the play of Shabda and

      It is the union of the drop and the ocean. What else can one say?


      Giving up the qualities of mind, one should follow the Path of the

      Such a soul goes to Sat Lok and derives Happiness from the Ocean
      of Happiness.

      Understand the jiva [soul] as the drop, and the Naam of the Satguru
      as the ocean,
      Says Kabir with proof: Dharam Das, understand this!