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227Letters From The Masters: Huzur Maharaj, Holy Epistles

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    Jan 14, 2004
      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection}

      The moment I utter the Holy Word RADHASOAMI,
      all my doubts and misgivings are dispelled.
      Repeat the Holy Word RADHASOAMI all the time.
      Recite RADHASOAMI all the twenty four hours.
      Radhasoami dwells in my heart every moment.
      (Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Poetry, Vol. I)

      Letters From The Masters: Huzur Maharaj, Holy Epistles

      Read Something Each Day from the Discourses and the Hymns (Shabds,
      Bhajans) of the Masters

      One should also read daily one or two pages from the holy books or
      recite one or two Shabds carefully understanding their true meaning
      as well as applying them to one's own self......

      Faith in the Supreme Father's Love, Grace, and Compassion

      You should depend upon the grace and mercy of the Supreme Father,
      and go on with your devotional practice as usual, always increasing
      your love for and dependence upon the Supreme Father Radhasoami

      Sumiran, Dhyan, Bhajan

      Sumiran (Repetition of the Divine Name)

      Dhyan (Seeing the Inner Light or the Form of the Master)

      Bhajan (listening to the Inner Soundi with an attitude of love and

      You must confidently trust in the Supreme Father's mercy. It will
      gradually remove every obstacle to your progress in the spiritual
      journey. You should not despair if you fail to bring about perfect
      concentration at the time of practice. The impressions of the
      present life and the countless lives of the past are revived as you
      approach them in your upward ascent during practice. These should be
      obliterated before you can have undisturbed concentration. And this
      is not the work of a short period. Therefore, whenever so disturbed
      at the time of Bhajan, you should revert to Sumiran and Dhyan or to
      Sumiran or to Dhyan alone, whichever of the two you can perform more
      successfully. Thereafter, again commence Bhajan. By these
      alternations you will keep yourself constantly awake. You should
      also sit in meditation with the determination not to be disturbed
      and His help will not be wanting in this.

      Meditating Upon the Astral Bell Sound

      The question put by these people is of great significance. If they
      can hear the sound of the bell every day or every second or third
      day, no matter how faint that sound is, they should regard it as a
      sign of great mercy. Slowly and gradually this sound will become
      permanent and it will be heard more and more distinctly. There is no
      harm if this sound is now heard mixed with other sounds. They should
      pick out the sound of the bell. The following couplets describe the
      attribute of this sound:

      I find it difficult to reach the Beloved's region.
      For me, only this much is enough that I can hear
      the sound of the bell coming from there. No one
      has ever had any inkling of the Beloved's region
      except that the sound of the bell can be heard
      (emanating from there).

      Hence the fact, that this sound is audible is a sign of one's great
      good luck and of the grace and mercy showered by the true Supreme
      Being Radhasoami Dayal. It, therefore, behooves one to divert one's
      attention from all worldly affairs and apply oneself to the practice
      of Bhajan with interest and enthusiasm and, before doing that,
      perform Sumiran and Dhyan for about half an hour, so that one's mind
      is purified to some extent and one's heart is filled with some
      enthusiasm. One will derive greater benefit, slowly and gradually,
      if one applies to Bhajan there-after. One should not be in a hurry
      or make haste. Just think that all these years of your life have
      been spent in worldly pursuits and preoccupation with worldly
      thoughts and it is only for a few days that your attention has been
      led to this direction, and so, how can your mind be purified and rid
      of those worldly thoughts all at once? But, slowly and gradually,
      every thing will be possible through the grace and mercy of
      Radhasoami Dayal, and, occasionally, manifestation of that mercy
      will be in evidence.

      -- Huzur Maharaj