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22Self-reliance and Self-surrender, Part One

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  • sant_mat_gnosis ( James )
    Nov 2, 2001
      Radhasoami Reality at Yahoo Groups:

      Self-reliance and Self-surrender

      Part One of a spiritual discourse by Huzur Maharaj in: "Prem Patra
      Radhasoami," Volume One, Agra.

      1. Those who have joined Satsang, i.e., those who have accepted the
      Radhasoami Faith, fall into two categories.

      2. Firstly, those who apply themselves to the performance of
      spiritual practices, and in whose mind there is intense longing for
      the Darshan (beatific vision) of the Charans (Holy Feet) of
      Radhasoami Dayal and who wish to experience, while living, the joy
      and bliss of Shabd and Swarup within themselves. Such persons perform
      the enjoined spiritual practices of Sumiran, Dhyan and Bhajan, two,
      three or four times every day regularly and punctually and exercise
      vigilance and control over their minds and Indriyas, so that they may
      not be carried away by any impulses, urges and thoughts of worldly
      pleasure at the time of Abhyas (devotional practice). They indulge in
      worldly activities and the pleasures and enjoyments of the senses
      only to the extent it is necessary and as far as practicable, with
      propriety and moderation. They seldom allow unnecessary desires for
      wealth, progeny, name and fame and pleasures and comforts of the body
      and the mind, to arise. As far as possible, they act, internally and
      externally, in conformity with the precepts of Sat Guru, Radhasoami

      3. Secondly, those who have surrendered themselves or those who
      entertain love and faith in the Charans of Radhasoami Dayal and His
      Satsang. Having understood the tenets and practices of the Radhasoami
      Faith, according to their own light, they also perform these
      practices as far as they can do so with ease. Acknowledging
      Radhasoami Dayal as omnipotent, merciful and munificent, they have
      accepted the protection of His Charans (Feet), according to the
      degree of their own love and faith, and look forward to their
      salvation and gradual deliverance from the trammels of Kal, Karam and
      Maya, relying on His Mercy and Mauj. Thus placing reliance on His
      discourses, which are full of promise and mercy, they feel
      complacent, with a firm faith and belief, that Radhasoami Dayal, by
      His own grace, would gradually, but surely effect the salvation of
      all those who have taken the shelter and protection of His Holy
      Charans and of His Satsang. They do not feel much uneasiness or
      impatience for getting His Darshan internally or securing more of joy
      and bliss in their Dhyan and Bhajan. Hence they do not put in enough
      effort and exertion in their devotional practices.

      [to be continued]