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150Radhaswami Bhakti (Devotion)

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    Oct 2, 2002
      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhasoami Quotes -- The Spiritual Classics of the Radhasoami Faith}

      Radhaswami Bhakti (Devotion)

      The religion of lovers is unique and distinct from all other
      religions. Their goal is the Supreme Being Himself. Those who
      entertain a desire which is contrary to the will of the Beloved,
      cannot be regarded as lovers. Whatever be the Pleasure of the
      Beloved must be accepted by a lover. In this world, too, people
      engender love and affection for each other to such an extent that
      they are spoken of as having one soul. Sants are the true lovers of
      the true Beloved. They are one with the true Lord. So, whatever be
      the Mauj (Pleasure) of the Lord, is also Their (Sants') Pleasure.
      Being, in essence, one with the Lord, there can be no difference
      between the two. They are in fact the Lord Himself. It has,
      therefore, been laid down as a sine qua non of a lover in the
      religion of Sants that he must conform to the Mauj. Soami Ji Maharaj
      has said:

      Guru and the Sound Current are the True Friends. There is none else;
      and keep them in your mind.

      Be with Radhasoami; then only will you gain access to the
      Inaccessible Sound.

      If Sant Sat Guru, in His grace and mercy, casts a benign look at me,
      then, of course, would my distress be removed.

      More Shabds from Swami Ji Maharaj:

      I am afflicted with severe pangs of separation from my Beloved. I
      yearn for His vision.

      I long for the vision of Radhasoami every moment. I sacrifice myself
      before Him again and again.

      But my Lord is merciful to the humble. He emancipates even fallen and
      degraded ones like me.

      Every moment, I am restless and long for Him. My mind is filled with

      My heart burns and is rent by the pain of separation all the time. A
      flame has been kindled in my heart.

      Rivers of tears flow from the eyes. Wanton Maya gets drowned therein.

      I heave deep sighs every moment. I am now in a state of intense love.

      Nothing can sever this bond of love and no effort to give it up can
      succeed. Kal and Karam have been trying in vain to do so.

      The city is desolate and the country is all deserted. Without Thee,
      this world is completely dark.

      Except Thee, who is there to hear my lamentations and to take care of
      me? All have turned me out.

      The boat of my life is drifting in mid-stream. Except Thee, who else
      will save it?

      0 Boatman! why so much delay? How should I pray?

      Infuse life and vitality in me. I lay myself at Thy Feet.

      Remove all of my distress by blessing me with Thy discourse and

      0 Radhasoami! Hear my prayer. I entirely depend on Thee.

      0 my dear? How can I live without my Beloved? My body and mind are
      being consumed in the fire of separation.

      May I find a Supreme Sant, who may be pleased to unite me with my

      May I ascend to Gagan (Trikuti), and remain absorbed in devotion, day
      and night.

      I am a love-sick soul wounded by a dagger of yearning. Distracted and
      disconsolate I roam about hither and thither.

      May Sat Guru be pleased to look after me now, so that the wound of my
      heart may be healed up.

      May He bless me with the true and real Nam! May I daily apply this
      balm (of Nam) to my wound!

      -- Swami Ji, "Biography of Soami Ji Maharaj"