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21329RE: Big Y Results

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  • vtilroe
    Mar 1, 2014
      It looks like many of the novel variants shared by many Big-Y testees may belong to a particular subclade below R-L20, the haplogroup to which the primary source of the anonymous male donors belongs to, whose sequences were used to build the ChrY reference assembly, and many of those may even be exclusively private to him.  Greg Magoon had filtered them out from the 1KGP and FGC reports, but YFull had assigned "Y" identifiers to some of them.

      I've compared novel variants from six Big-Y returns belonging to haplogroup R-L51 and below, and have so far identified 56 "novel variants" shared between at least two of them so far, but individual samples only had between 43 and 48 of those.  This pretty much cuts the typical true novel variant count in half, leaving a count that is more in line to what was expected for this process. 

      Vince T.

      ---In R1b1c_U106-S21@yahoogroups.com, <michaeldutton@...> wrote:

      I have, by cut and paste, built two simple Excel files that show the Known SNPs on one and the Novel Varients on the other from my FTDNA BIG Y results.
      Would it be useful to upload those files to our group? Or, should I just wait until FTDNA provides the downloadable data in a few more days?
      Mike Dutton
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