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21323Slow Motion Tsunami

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  • Charles Moore
    Feb 28, 2014
      We didn't get any new results today, but despite the impatience gene we all have, this was a good thing.

      FTDNA got the glitch fixed. So I was able to update the YDNA results page for other results, and I placed a little "arr" to the right of the Big Y designation at the end of the label for those who have received results.

      David has said that he prefers to work with VCF files, which the webinar said should be available next week. I definitely recommend that testers watch the taped version of the webinar when it is available. Should be easy. Takes an hour.

      We have received a very helpful report from another group that confirms what we got this morning from David regarding ancestral shared novel SNPs.

      So we will be running comparisons across the Haplogroup to weed those out. I think that largely solves the problem that I was concerned about, with respect to too many SNPs.

      FTDNA is going to be making slow steady progress over the course of March, both in slowly rolling out our results, and in slowly rolling out new reports, and the new tree.

      We will also be moving slowly in our own way to get things done. We're not going to act rash.

      I doubt if I will put any new SNPs on the ISOGG tree until at least April. The ISOGG tree is a "pruned" tree anyway. I have just been appointed (kidnapped) to the new subcommittee to revise our criteria in light of fast-changing developments.

      So, essentially we are in data-gathering mode, and that's pretty much it, for now.

      Everybody take a deep breath before the next wave hits.