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17843Re: [R1b1c_U106-S21] 23 and Me - Raw Data

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  • Eduardo Costa
    Nov 14, 2013

      The data from 23andMe for R1b1a2a1a1 (my y-haplogroup)is as follows:

      Paternal line (Y chromosome)

      R1b1b2a1a1 defining mutations
      rs16981293 (M405)T/C (T)

      R1b1b2a1a defining mutations
      rs13304168 (L52)T/C (T)
      rs9785659 (P311)G/A (G)
      rs9786076 (L11)C/T (C)
      rs9786283 (P310)C/A (C)

      On Nov 14, 2013 10:31 AM, "Dan D." <dan_draggon@...> wrote:

      I believe U106 is R1b1b2a1a1 there since L48 adds a final "d". 
      The final "1" is extra compared with FTDNA's designation.


      On Nov 14, 2013, at 4:06 AM, "Belinda Dettmann" <belindadettmann@...> wrote:

      U106 is R1b1b2a1a
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