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  • Charles Moore
    Nov 14 3:52 AM
      I wanted to point out that the Holiday Sale can actually make Family Finder financially profitable.

      This test was permanently reduced to $99 recently, but during the Holiday Sale, you receive a $100 Restaurant.com gift certificate (only in the US, sorry) for ordering FF.

      If you fully utilize the certificate, you can actually come out of this transaction with a $1 profit (although the profit will reside in your belly), AND, all those cousins you never knew you had!

      If you're a city person like me, now's your chance to meet the country cousins, such as mine who invited me to their lavish (food-wise) family reunions, free boat rides up the river to where we prefer to imagine our ancestors living in a luxurious mansion, and huge amounts of laughter, good cheer, and some "dangerous" country beverage.

      If you're a country person, now's your chance to meet the city cousins who live in a penthouse, and serve imported cheeses and Champagne, but don't forget to wash your hands.

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