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17832DF96 negative

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  • rick.vanderspikke
    Nov 14, 2013
      Hi everybody,

      I just noticed my pending results button on my ftdna-page disappeared. I wasn't notified and the df96 snp isn't mentioned on my snp-page.
      Does this mean i'm negative for this snp?
      If this is so, how do i proceed?
      I haven't had df98 tested. I don't have the typical (preliminary) str-series.
      My value on DYS557 is 17 and DYS395s is 15-16. But i share some markers with the ancient germans in the df98 group : DYS391=10, DYS19=15, DYS456=15, DYS439=11 ( i only had the first 67 markers tested ). I don't have a lot genetic matches ( none above the 25marker level). But in the 25-range there are a lot of Moore's, Nortons, Walkers and Macdonalds... . What next ? The change is small i 'll test positive for df98, not?
      I like this game but it costs a lot of money.
      Thx for patience and expertise,
      David Vrancken
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