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Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) The problem is really a bioanalytical methodology problem. You are asking for a very high precision in a bioanalytical method for SNPs. In an ideal world you
Brian Swann
12:03 AM
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New file uploaded to R1b1c_U106-S21 Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the R1b1c_U106-S21 group. File : / Big-Y
10:49 PM
Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) The problem is making any of this stuff useful on a practical basis. There is the ideal, and then there is the real. FTDNA has for years had 27 other
Charles Moore
6:11 PM
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Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) Debbie The reports from both FullGenomes, and yFull.com on the BAM file have a STR report. My yFull report lists 481 STRs in which I have about 400 results
Gerald Lyons
5:26 PM
Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) David did experiment with the Indels and it did not go well. As you suggest, we might be able to eventually look at these things. Wayne is interested in these
Charles Moore
5:22 PM
Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) Charles I know you, David and the team already have your work cut out at the moment analysing all the Big Y results but I just wondered if are you planning at
Debbie Kennett
4:45 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 This is going to become a quagmoor, so let's just move on. Charles
Charles Moore
4:14 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 Ahhh, yes. Now we're bogged down in a moorass. John M Rhodes
John M Rhodes
4:08 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 Egads. Two closely related people with two different names, but both names mean the same thing. How did we get bogged down in this?? Charles
Charles Moore
3:59 PM
Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) it's not a problem, and you're a very capable lady. but it is absolutely necessary that they do what we have agreed that they must do, or else it will be
Charles Moore
3:57 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 Charles You may also know that CARR (the English not Irish ones) also means swamp or marsh. Cousin John
John Carr
3:56 PM
Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) Oh I see. I thought that they were trying to estimate SNP ages from mutation rates, or compare age estimates from different methods. As there appear to be as
Belinda Dettmann
3:54 PM
Re: Chromo2 Update I have received my updated Chromo2 raw results and posted same, removing the prior set. The folks at BritainsDNA had previously noted that “we have removed
3:49 PM
Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) That isn't actually what they're doing Belinda. Big Y only tests half the territory of FGC, but it tests the best half. David's report excludes the Indels.
Charles Moore
3:22 PM
Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) we will also have multiple Dunbar, multiple Cockburn, multiple McMillan/McMullen, and others, just from Big Y, but also when we create special merged files
Charles Moore
3:15 PM
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Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) This is fine, as long as you realise that many mutations in Chromo2 are not being picked up in BigY. For example in the royal Stewarts (L21>744, L745, L746)
Belinda Dettmann
3:07 PM
Re: Michal's SNP ages (was Fewer singletons = older branch) Hi Iain, Thank you for your interesting analysis. I agree that the results for the Dutton-Warburton lineage seem to support your estimates. However, it is also
3:03 PM
Re: New DNA combo Congrats Paul! Cheers, Charlie On Sunday, April 20, 2014 2:48 PM, Paul Roche wrote:   thank you all! Paul Roche On Apr 20, 2014, at
Charles Weaver
2:51 PM
Re: U106 distribution within Europe Close to Joan of Arc country - my favorite Catholic saint. :)
1:43 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 My ancestor came from Ireland, where the name was used to Anglicize the name of clan O'Mordha, which means great, stately, and proud. How big-chested!
Charles Moore
1:27 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 As in Ashmore Anglo Saxon Trees by the lake
Michael Ashmore
1:19 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 Charles can you remember the ancient meaning for Moore? Old English mōr; related to Old Saxon mōr, Old High German muor swamp Ahh,  swamp!  And you play in
Wayne Kauffman
1:14 PM
Re: Potential New Member He is not on our list. BTW, we currently have 1699 members, and 599 of them have 111 markers. Anyone who joins the project soon and already has 111 markers,
Charles Moore
1:01 PM
Re: Potential New Member Dan, Do you know if Grant Johnson was added to the membership list? He tested positive for L127.2 His FTDNA # is 40815. Thanks Ernest
12:43 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 Yes. Congratulations! I surrender to the hopeless inevitability. However, I shall forever be your friend. I note, in regard to the match, that Fousse means
Charles Moore
12:40 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 Ruth - what's the ancestry of the Holden line? Michael
12:31 PM
Re: Big Y # 150 I'm not positive Charles, but it looks like the Big-Y places me closest to Ruth from all the results so far! Am I reading them right? We still need more
12:29 PM
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Re: U106 distribution within Europe Iain, My Big-Y results are posted now - Hope it helps on the Alsace France end. My family was there just west of the Rhine river going back to the 1500's at
12:16 PM
Re: Biy Y Export(CSV) Ah, I see the clue was in the phrase 'send the BAM link' present in several previous posts by Charles and folks. Sorry for being behind the drag curve as
12:14 PM
Re: New DNA combo thank you all! Paul Roche
Paul Roche
11:48 AM
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