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Re: BigY998 update

Observing in relatively H2O free high altitude southern hemisphere air I hope!
2:38 AM

BigY998 update

Hi folks, This represents the last readily usable update before I will have to split the BigY analysis. It can be found in the usual
Iain McDonald
12:56 AM

Re: Updating Haplogroup to S19589+

Thank you Thomas. But I had already purchased and received my results from your lab long before this post; and may I add that the turnaround time for your
7:00 PM

Re: Living DNA results in (for me)

I have created a fairly simple spreadsheet showing my paper trail genealogy vs. my results from the various autosomal DNA tests. It is available for download
7:00 PM

Re: Living DNA results in (for me)

Sure Ray, Throw me in on that group if you would.  The more I learn, the better. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 17:32, Raymond Wing
Jeff Harp
4:28 PM

Re: Updating Haplogroup to S19589+

Actually you don't even need to buy a kit. Simply create a free account and join the U106 Group. https://www.yseq.net/create_account.php As long as you don't
Thomas Krahn
4:10 PM

Re: Updating Haplogroup to S19589+

Anyone who joins the group can see the SNP results and the kit number(s) associated with them. However, only the administrator has access to the individual
Raymond Wing
4:00 PM

Re: Updating Haplogroup to S19589+

Actually, it's fairly simple for our esteemed group admins to get access to YSEQ results: Buy a DNA swab kit for $3.00:
3:54 PM

Re: Living DNA results in (for me)

LivingDNA doesn’t analyse segments, it analyses individual SNPs. The probability of a SNP being transmitted down the line is different to that of a segment,
Belinda Dettmann
3:31 PM

Re: Living DNA results in (for me)

Obviously, you inherit virtually 100% of your DNA from your ancestors (except for the rare mutations which occurred somewhere in your line of descent from
Raymond Wing
3:30 PM

Re: Living DNA results in (for me)

There are exceptions on the inheritance Ray.  I don't have the numbers memorized and since I'm not at home, I don't have access to them.  But, if you take an
Jeff Harp
2:28 PM

Re: Ancestry.com denies exploiting users' DNA

You can listen to the whole Your and Yours programme here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08qxfrj The Ancestry segments starts at around 14.40. I hope I
Debbie Kennett
2:21 PM

Ancestry.com denies exploiting users' DNA

"The US company's DNA testing service has included a right to grant Ancestry a "perpetual" licence to use customers' genetic material. A New York data
1:22 PM

Living DNA results in (for me)

My Living DNA results just came in. It listed a good portion of my ancestry from Southern England, but surprisingly (to me, anyways) it listed my ancestry as
1:06 PM

New file uploaded to R1b1c_U106-S21

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the R1b1c_U106-S21 group. File :
10:40 AM
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