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6534Re: [R1b-P312-Project] Results for Baa

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  • Christina Rice
    Aug 28, 2014
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      I administer one of those kits in the Baa group (P312+ and nothing else downstream so far).  I am considering a BigY or equivalent but hesitant based on no one to compare too...

      266463 - Rice  P312

      On Thursday, August 28, 2014 10:10 AM, "vernade didier didier.vernade@... [R1b-P312-Project]" <R1b-P312-Project@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      It's a question of money if you want more right now. Sequencing of the Y chromosome is available at $600 in 2 companies and you would get around 20 - 30 new SNPs. The present difficulty is to analyze these results as comparison are lacking (not enough done until now).
      You can wait and expect an updated version (Geno 3.0 ?) of the current Geno 2.0 chip. By the way, the current version (at $160) might already give you something new but with no certitude.

      Le Jeudi 28 août 2014 14h36, "m.d.hines@... [R1b-P312-Project]" <R1b-P312-Project@yahoogroups.com> a écrit :

      I tested positive for R-P312 but negative for L21- U152- DF27- DF19- DF99- and L238-.

      My STR values are in R-P312 "Results" are under the "Baa" grouping with no further guidance. Am I and other group members in a currently "tested out" status? Any words of advice for members of this group?

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