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6529RE: [R1b-P312-Project] Re: DF27-testing: Ambiguous FTDNA feedback (or lack hereof)

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  • ajmarshnz
    Aug 24 5:02 PM
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      At the end of last week I had sought further clarification from FTDNA, which I just now received.  They said...


      "While logged into your GAP 2.0 page please click on "Y-DNA SNP" under "Genetic Reports".  You should now see a blue button near the top of the page that says "Request New SNPs".  

      This is how Group Admins can request new SNPs be tested via our laboratory.  We do like to be as accommodating to new testing requests as possible but please allow a period of review once the request is submitted.  The time-frame for the review process may vary from snp to snp based on complexity of location on the Y-Tree." 


      This seems helpful, I will try it and see how things turn out.  I am not the best person to follow web sites, and the FTDNA web site seems to have a different logic structure to my small brain.  I had previously searched I thought all over the FTDNA web site for a process to order a new SNP, but clearly I missed the obvious. I just did not think to look under "genetic reports" for a way to request an new SNP be added to the FTDNA range.   All is well that ends well.

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