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6528RE: [R1b-P312-Project] Re: DF27-testing: Ambiguous FTDNA feedback (or lack hereof)

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  • Ralph Taylor
    Aug 24, 2014
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      John, your story of a run-around is familiar and stems, I think, from confusion in communication channels at FTDNA. Who does one talk to?

      I’d suggest contacting Janine Cloud (who posts occasionally to ISOGG); she’s now the ”groups liaison” at FTDNA (“group” meaning project). At least, she’d recognize you as project admin and have an idea as to how such a FTDNA decision could be made.


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      For those trying to find their DF27+ subclade, it is worth noting that Z2552+ is below DF27+, and below Z2552+ are L617+, DF81+, and also a very old Z2552* Iberian branch around 3,000+ years old.  Whilst you are L617-, it might be of interest for you to test Z2552 next, rather than DF81, as Z2552 gives wider coverage than DF81.  If you turned out to be Z2552+, you could then test for DF81, and if you were DF81-, that would still place you in Z2552*.


      So for those chopping off the dogs tail an inch at a time with individual SNP testing, consider testing Z2552 before L617 or DF81.  It might work out cheaper in the long run, and give you more precise information.


      As far as I am aware neither YSeq or FTDNA test for Z2552 yet.  YSeq I believe would likely be a cheaper testing option for Z2552, but I wanted to test some deceased project members for Z2552 who have DNA stored at FTDNA, so contacted FTDNA to ask if they would offer Z2552 as a individual SNP test. 


      My feedback from FTDNA was somewhat interesting.  They replied that I should go to their web site, and and check if they offered a test for Z2552.  I had previously done that, and that was why I had asked FTDNA to add it to their individual SNP tests.   OK, but then they advised me that.... “If we do not offer the SNP you are interested in, you may request to have that SNP offered through your group project administrator.”  Now I am the project administrator of a FTDNA Surname Project with around 200 persons tested, and I wanted to test some of my project members for Z2552.  So it seems as my own Project Administrator, I now have to find a mirror, and have a stern talking to myself, and request myself as Project Administrator to offer the test.  That sounds OK, I can do that, but after I have requested myself as Project Administrator to offer the test, how do I go about getting the test provided?  Any suggestions anyone? 


      I am hoping that I can resolve this Z2552 issue in time.  If others request their learned and able Project Administrators to provide a test for Z2552, perhaps it will create more leverage for getting the test added to the FTDNA range.  Or perhaps we take the short cut and ask YSeq to provide a test for Z2552.  With some searching I can probably find some proxies to supply samples in place of  the deceased individuals.  Once I get samples from key lines stored in the YSeq system, it will then be much cheaper for ongoing SNP or STR testing than through FTDNA.



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