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  • eoresghost
    Nov 7, 2013
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      I have ordered Chromo2 and have sent off the kit.  My hope is that Chromo2 will catch the SNPs that Geno2 missed.  Geno2 told me I was R1b P310; further testing at FTDNA shows a positive result for P312.  I figured one suite of tests might be more efficient than testing one SNP at a time. 
      I will update the list here when my results come back in; This should include the raw results; I myself do not really know what to look for in the raw results; but I will be happy to share them, so that everyone can get an idea of which SNP are being tested in Chromo2.  
      The Chromo2 (full suite of tests) was a bit over $400; shipping the kit back to the United Kingdom was another $56. 

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