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6150New offer to help those who have not tested SNPs yet (for the R1b project)

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  • Mike W
    Oct 23, 2013
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      I've got the the big all R1b 67 STR haplotypes file updated. There are 8108 R1b 67 STR deep clade tested haplotypes including most of yours in your project.

      One note of caution is I followed haplogroup project administrator subgroupings so if they have notice that someone is positive for one SNP or another through another testing company or something, I accepted their judgement. I guess I should also caution that there can always be errors so double check anything you see before making an important decision.

      If you know of people in your surname projects who are R1b1a2 predicted and interested in deeper SNP testing have them join the R1b Gateway project and get upgraded to at least 67 STRs as soon as they can. They are also included in the file so they can easily compare themselves with others.


      Mike W
      ...  in support of inter-galactic R1b genetic genealogy and R1b project administration

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      I've got something for those who are looking for terminal SNPs to test for and have 67 STRs in the R1b project. This is to fulfill an offer I made for anyone in the R1b project who's gotten to 67 STRs. The all 67 STR file is now updated.

      You have to go to the R1b-YDNA yahoo home page R1b-YDNA yahoo home page and click on the "More" down arrow then on "Links". Scroll down and you will find the following

      Haplotype Data for R1b all 67STR

      This is a zipped MS Excel 2010 spreadsheet that has all of the public project 67 STR haplotypes I can find with deep clade (SNP) testing. Please consider this as draft data.

      I've included everyone in the R1b project in ther U67 subgrouping towards the bottom of the Y classic/colorized screens, This means you can easliy check your closest GD's at 67 to anyone (and everyone) else in the file.  If you see close GDs and some STR pattern matching make sure to look at their haplogroup and relevant SNPs tested. This might be helpful guidance for your testing plans. That's the idea anyway.

      There might be some errors, so make sure to double check anything that you think is important.

      There are a number of people with 67 STR and 111 STR Y refine upgrades in process. It's not too late as I will do update this file again before the end of the year. If you are interested be sure to get yourself to 67 STRs. You can look at the bottom of our project Y Classic screen and see a "UNeed67" subgrouping. If you have a kit in it and want to participate please upgrade now to at least 67 STRs.

      Mike W

      ---In r1b-ydna@yahoogroups.com, <mwwdna@...> wrote:

      I would like to re-iterate that for folks in the R1b haplogroup it is particularly important to identify your terminal (youngest/lowest level) SNP.

      There are a couple of testing approaches. One way is the shotgun approach. An example is Geno 2. You can get most of the known R1b SNPs checked at a reasonable price with autosomal and mt DNA thrown in.

      Another approach is the rifle shot approach. This involves evaluating STR matches and STR off-modal signature carefully and comparing with others who have done SNP testing. Hopefully, you'll identify the most probably terminal SNP for yourself and can order it a la carte (stand-alone) through Advanced Orders.

      As a help for those who want to try the rifle shot approach, I've created a spreadsheet ...

      The spreadsheet is set up for 67 Y STR comparisons only. It is also about 7-8 months behind. We've had a lot of new SNP testing this year with all of the Geno 2 tests that have been completed and added to project Y DNA SNP reports. I am currently working on updating the data from our R1b projects and consolidating them to create an updated comparison spreadsheet. 

      However, some people may not be able to easily copy/paste their haplotypes into the spreadsheet. As a new offer to help, in this go around, if you are at 67 Y STRs or more and have added yourself to the R1b Gateway project I'll automatically add you to the spreadsheet. This means that you'll just have to download the new version of the spreadsheet and find your kit # on it, then go out to the right and put an "x" in the target GD (Genetic Distance) column and quickly see who is closest related to you that has done SNP testing. If you don't have a PC with a compatible spreadsheet, you might ask your project administrators for help.

      Another benefit for project administrator types might be that it will be easier to look at STR signature patterns that are of interest to your project(s) or have close GDs to current project members. This might help you spot new suspects.

      Anyway, the key thing, if you haven't already, is get updated to at least 67 Y STRs as soon as you can. If possible, I recommend going all the way to 111 STRs. Its cheaper to do it all in one shot various one step upgrade at a time. We already have over 2000 111 STR R1b-L21 haplotypes so it is quickly becoming the standards. It definitely helps in separating lineages within a family and identifying how multiple surname super-family groups are related. All of this can help identify origins.

      On the R1b project Classic/Colorized reports, the people I'll include in the spreadsheet, besides SNP tested people at 67 STRs, are the people that will be in subgroup "U67", the 67 STR people. It is in yellow.
      "U67. Unable to confirm Subclade; no/limited SNP testing (Please order Geno 2 or do 67STR comparison)"

      The people in orange right below them are the ones who need to upgrade to 67 STRs. As I noted earlier, I generally recommend everyone in R1b to go to 67 Y STRs or 111 if possible.

      Mike W