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22841A146/Z16250 in 176268 Gontaut

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  • Alex Williamson
    May 24, 2014
      I noticed that the DF13* gentlemen 176268 Gontaut is positive for A146
      aka Z16250. This SNP also appears under FGC11134 as being approximately
      equivalent to CTS4466. I am curious to know if 176268 might also be
      positive for FGC11134? I don't believe that position was tested with
      his Big Y, but have not seen the BAM file to make sure. FGC11134 is
      available at YSEQ. If he were positive for FGC11134, it would position
      Z16250 between FGC11134 and CTS4466. Being a change in length of a T
      homopolymer, Z16250 is not an ideal mutation, but it seemed to be fairly
      stable up to this point.

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