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22833Re: [R1b-L21-Project] Request for input on CTS3386: Ireland/Finland

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  • francois dauphin
    May 24, 2014
      Good evening Jane,

      For what's about CTS 3386 I did a full analysis of genetic distances estimates for all 3386+ and 3386 suspects which you probably saw online. On this basis it appears that the most important genetic distance between two 3386+ (Coughlin McNeiladge) is 17 and there are multiple connections with distances above 14. The CTS 3386 is thus very old and probably older rather than 1000BC. It would have appear on the continent and this is possible that differents CTS3386 branches would have crossed the Channel.

      For what's about your kit (f248822)  it has got mutliple connections with CTS3386+ kits with a distance below 7. In this regards this is effectively highly probable that you would be positive also.

      The best SNP's apparently to be verified would be :

      I've no idea on whether this is feasible to negotiate a price for such testing but would potentialy be interested in such a case. I'm also in contact with the descendant of Guillaume Hamon who might be CTS3386+ (although this is much less probable rather than you) and could verify whether he has an interest in this.

      Hope this helps.

      Le Samedi 24 mai 2014 22h54, "Jane GDFR alphaomegatree@... [R1b-L21-Project]" <R1b-L21-Project@yahoogroups.com> a écrit :

      Greetings to Robert Hughes, fdauphin31, and L21 Group,

      Have been away for months and am very happy to see new buds and branches everywhere!

      I represent the O'Dochartaigh kit (f248822, with signature z11924) and am in contact with the close-matching Daugherty kit (f192290). We suspect but are not yet certain
      which early to mid-1700s MRCA's line is shared among 9 Dougherty/Daugherty brothers. Deep paper trail study is ongoing.

      Robert Hughes and I have exchanged emails about testing CTS3386, feeling fairly confident that f248822 will be positive given the recent Big Y results for Aho-Finland's kit. See the project R1b-L1335 for 'Modal 2.6.1 L1335- negative, Finland & Ireland group, DF13+'.

      (Robert, your modal header name may now need changing or moving?)

      I have agreed to test our kit for CTS3386 ASAP but given the recent group discussion, might it be advisable to share costs for deeper testing with our very close Daugherty match and/or the other cluster members as proposed by today's fdauphin31 data sets update for CTS3386? Is there any way to contact others to determine if we can build a 'pooled testing kitty'?

      We are wholly committed to maximum outcome...

      What do you recommended as the next best course to mix-n-match SNPs? Is there any way to reduce costs for more (new) positive SNPs while simultaneously confirming individual CTS3386 as being positive/negative for Robert Hughes?

      Thanks so very much for the incredible work you ALL are doing!

      for Dougherty, O'Dochartaigh kit f248822 with sig. z11924
      ySearch, V9V3V

      Haplogroup: R1b1a2a1a1b4 (tested) Last name: Dougherty Variant spellings: Doherty Daugherty O'Dougherty O'Doherty O'Dochartaigh    Tested with: Family ...
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