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22818RE: [R1b-L21-Project] Another S1026 from France?

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  • Dave Dowell
    May 24, 2014
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      Le Duc comes, at least in recent generations, from Brittany – just across the Channel from Cornwall. The other few S1026ers about whom I have confirmed origins, come from various parts of the Isles.


      I submitted an application to FTDNA a week or so ago for a S1026 project. So far I have received no response.


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      Now that you mention S1026 in the context with France I should probably consider testing S1026 for myself.
      I know that my paternal ancestors have been recruited by King Géza II of Hungary (1141–1162) to settle as farmers in Transylvania.
      Most colonists to this era came from Luxembourg and the Moselle River region. This is not very far from France.

      Does anybody see any connection with my STR haplotype? (FTDNA kit 64047)


      On 05/23/2014 06:10 PM, Mike W mwwdna@... [R1b-L21-Project] wrote:

      S1026 it is.  It looks like some thing Df13* folks should be considering.


      On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 5:43 PM, Thomas Krahn thomas@... [R1b-L21-Project] <R1b-L21-Project@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      On 05/23/2014 05:37 PM, Mike W mwwdna@... [R1b-L21-Project] wrote:

      Is S1036 available at YSEQ?


      S1026 is available:

      S1036 isn't. I don't have information about that one.




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