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22816Re: [R1b-L21-Project] SNPs and more SNPs - using 111 STRs in tandem with SNPs

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  • mikewww7
    May 23, 2014
      We are running out of time to do one at a time Sanger Sequencing SNP testing under the sales price.  The people who are best positioned to take advantage of this are those at 111 STRs who are in STR varieties (clusters) or nearby varieties where another 111 STR person has done an NGS test (and is sharing their results.)

      This is good for those doing the one at a time testing as well as those who have done the NGS testing and are at 111 STRs.

      I will attempt to somehow note on the ExtHts (111 STR) tab of the R1b-L21_Haplotypes spreadsheet NGS tested youthful SNPs. This allows the rest to see what looks promising and the order those SNP tests.

      This also plays into the idea of having a modal haplotype for every youthful terminal SNP, however, we generally don't have more than one or two people per cluster so worrying about the modal is probably not a big thing yet.

      If you are NGS tested and have 111 STRs, make sure to let me know now (reply here) with your kit numbers and the youthful SNPs (that Thomas Krahn would approve and make available).  We need them in priority order. Ideally we have both key unifying SNPs as well as subdividing SNPs.

      This is the whole idea of sighting your gun scope (with STRs) so you can shoot very accurately (at relevant SNPs.)

      Mike W

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      Wow! Our 111 STR haplotype data is growing out of sight.

      -- On Friday, January 24, 2014 10:20 AM, Mike W <mwwdna@...> wrote:

      For those of you who are not probably going to do next generation sequence (like Big Y) testing, having a good knowledge of your STRs can be very helpful.  We'll have more SNPs to potentially test one at a time. However, this can be frustrating and add up expenses over time.
      The one at time time SNP testing is what I call the rifle shot approach.

      If that is the rifle shot approach you would like to follow, make sure your rifle and scope are as accurate as you can get them. That means get to 111 STRs and have others in your subgroups do the same.

      The U106 lead administrator posted below, "So, the first thing YOU can do is to do what Todd just did.  Upgrade to 111 if you're not already there".

      Mike W

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