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17184Re: [R1b-L21-Project] Re: I'm Geno 2.0 tested, confirmed L1065+ C7030+, Scots Modal, FTDNA Kit No. H1084

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  • Bill Pictman
    Aug 22, 2013

      Also good to see some snps moving further down the lines and it looks like maybe a step closer to the Clan's Gaelic Origins:

      Although its origins are obscure, Clan Macfie is acknowledged as one of the oldest Scottish Clans. It has been claimed that the Clan originated in Ireland before becoming established in Scotland and this may well be the case. Traditionally though, it’s homeland is held to be the islands of Colonsay and Oronsay off the west coast of Scotland. A Clan presence in Lochaber, Galloway and on several other Hebridean islands is also evident from the earliest times.



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      Subject: [R1b-L21-Project] Re: I'm Geno 2.0 tested, confirmed L1065+ C7030+, Scots Modal, FTDNA Kit No. H1084


      It is good to hear from another clan member (McDuffee, McAfee, MacPhee).

      I'm 1065+>C7030+

      I wonder if there are many found to be C7030+ ?

      (FTDNA Kit No. H1084 & Geno 2.0 tested)

      --- In R1b-L21-Project@yahoogroups.com, "dhubsith" <dhubsith@...> wrote:
      > Congrats, Jay, good to see another in the McDuffie family completing Geno2. Your results confirm what I had expected, that many, and perhaps most, of the McDuffie/McFie clan are Scots Modal L1065+.
      > I'm not one of them though. I am DF13*, there are about a dozen of us on the FTDNA McDuff page, and we are all closely related to a group of Camerons. I don't know how my cluster relates to the L1065+ cluster.
      > Garnet MacPhee
      > DF13*
      > 145001
      > --- In R1b-L21-Project@yahoogroups.com, J McAfee <jaysgr8@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear Group:
      > >  
      > >  
      > > I tested Geno 2.0 just completed results and confirmed L1065+ (CTS11722+) and
      > > C7030+. 
      > > Tested FTDNA Y-DNA111 completed  FTDNA Kit No. H1084.
      > > Scots Modal.

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