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Re: R-FGC11134 & Subclades Tree Resource

Hi James, I have to agree with everyone else. It looks fantastic. Although I never made it available, I did have a display of my tree that was text based and
Alex Williamson
7:48 AM

Re: BigY Match List

Nigel, Yes, that would be a long list. I now think that when 3 SNP are listed it means 3 and only 3. Likewise for a single SNP it means one and only one
7:47 AM

Re: Adding a SNP to Y tree

Alternatively you could ask Thomas at YSeq.net to provide this test via 'Wish A SNP' (see their web page). You can expect a quicker response from YSeq than
7:18 AM

Re: R-FGC11134 & Subclades Tree Resource

Thanks, Thomas. What is publicly facing is static for the moment. The HTML source is generated by a Play 2 application using a MongoDB backend. The plan is
James Kane
6:36 AM

Adding a SNP to Y tree

I read recently that administrators can request FT DNA to add a SNP to the Y DNA tree so people can test. I would like S5456 added. We have the smallest group
Karen Hodges
6:36 AM

Re: R-FGC11134 & Subclades Tree Resource

Very nice work James! All the important information and not too much clutter. My personal opinion is that trees in this orientation are easier to navigate than
Thomas Krahn
6:04 AM

Re: BigY Match List

Thanks Colin. I had not expected that you would have -ve SNPs in that list as I had thought that the list of -ve n-mk SNPs would be very long indeed .... But
5:40 AM

Re: BigY Match List

Hi Nigel, I think your basic idea is correct, the ancestral/derived states are opposite in the "non-matching known SNP". The Ferguson kit is L1335+ ,CTS1008+
4:59 AM

Re: R-FGC11134 & Subclades Tree Resource

Very impressive, James. Thanks so much for all your work. Marilyn Sent from my iPhone
4:51 AM

R-FGC11134 & Subclades Tree Resource

Until things are settled in with getting ISOGG's tree up to date for R-FGC11134, you can find my experimental tree here: Experimental Y Tree
3:13 AM

Re: BigY Match List

Colin, my understanding is that this indicates 50425 Ferguson is derived (positive) for these SNPs while his 'matches' are ancestral (derived). Having both
2:16 AM

Re: BigY Match List

I should also have said, many of BigYs "known SNPs" are not on the FTDNA Tree. In my BigY I have 493 total derived known SNPs of which 172 are listed as being
2:12 AM

Re: New to R1B-L21 Group

I agree that those who can afford it should BigY. I am concerned though that we should provide a route for those on tighter budgets to make progress in Y DNA
12:33 AM

Re: Z255, Fitzpatricks, Harringtons and McCarthy Cremins

Look forward to learning more about our connections Nigel. Mike On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 5:32 PM, 'N D McCarthy' mccarthygen@... ... Look forward to
Mike Fitzpatrick
10:48 PM

Z255, Fitzpatricks, Harringtons and McCarthy Cremins

Mike, Dave, I am in full agreement with all the comments made by Dave in his comprehensive response. H1868 Fitzpatrick (the first to have tested NGS) appears
N D McCarthy
10:32 PM
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