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Daily Qur'an & Hadith 02 Sep 2012 (14 Shawwal 1433).

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    ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *English Translation of Al-Quran * *[17].Surah Al-Isra [The Journey By Night] also known as Surah Bani Israel [The Children of
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      English Translation of Al-Quran

      [17].Surah Al-Isra' [The Journey By Night] also known as Surah Bani Israel [The Children of Israel]

      Ayat 110. Say (O Muhammad  [SAWW](PBUH): "Invoke Allah or invoke the Most Beneficent (Allah), by whatever name you invoke Him (it is the same), for to Him belong the Best Names. And offer your Salat (prayer) neither aloud nor in a low voice, but follow a way between.

      [Tafseer] Rahman describes one of the attributes of Allah—His Grace and Mercy which come to the sinner even before he feels conscious of the need of it the preventive Grace which saves Allah's servants from sin. Allah can be invoked, either by His simple name, which includes all attributes, or by one of the names implying the attributes by which we try to explain His nature to our limited understanding. The attribute of Mercy in Rahman was particularly repugnant to the Pagan Arabs that is why special stress is laid on it in the Qur'an. These Beautiful Names of Allah are many. The Hadith related by Tirmidhi, accepted by some as authentic, mentions 99 names of Allah. All prayer should be pronounced with earnestness and humility, whether it is congregational prayer or the private outpouring of one's own soul. Such an attitude is not consistent with an over-loud pronunciation of the words, though in public prayers the standard of permissible loudness is naturally higher than in the case of private prayer. In public prayers, of course, the adhan or call to prayer will be in a loud voice to be heard near and far, but the chants from the Sacred Book should be neither so loud as to attract the hostile notice of those who do not believe nor so low in tone as not to be heard by the whole congregation.


      English Translation of Hadith  

      Hazrat Abu Musa Al-Ash`ari (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: We accompanied the Messenger of Allah [SAWW](PBUH)  in a journey, and when we climbed up a height, we proclaimed aloud: "La ilaha illallah (There is no true god except Allah)'' and "Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greatest).'' The Messenger of Allah [SAWW](PBUH) admonished us saying, "O people, take it easy. He Whom you are calling is not deaf or absent. He is with you (i.e., by His Knowledge), He is Hearing and He is Near.'' [Muslim Book 35, Chapter 13, Hadith # 6528]. 

      Lesson : as mentioned above in Surah Al-Isra Ayat 110. "neither aloud nor in a low voice, but follow a way between" This Hadith tells us that in the pronouncement of the fundamental testification of Islam: "La ilaha illallah (there is no true god except Allah)'' (Tahlil) - and His Magnification: "Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greatest)'' (Takbir) - the voices of the Companions became a bit louder during a journey. The Prophet [SAWW](PBUH) disapproved of it and commanded them not to put themselves to hardship by remembering Allah in a loud voice, and directed to do that calmly in a dignified, low voice.


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      (Jazak Allah Khair) اللہ آپ کو آسانیاں عطا فرمائے۔
      جزاكم الله خيرا وأحسن الجزاء في الدنيا والأخرة

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