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Re: [Quiltingandembroidery] Crazy Quilt Blocks

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  • Loves2embroider@aol.com
    Well, you have good tastes & you re in good company !!! I purchased the Crazy Quilt series one and two, plus I got the one $5 special Christmas block. I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2011
       Well, you have good tastes & you're in good company !!!  I purchased the Crazy Quilt series one and two, plus I got the one $5 special Christmas block.  I've embroidered out several of them and bought what I did after embroidering out just one block - I was SOLD !!  I LOVE her stuff.  I also bought both sets of her FAR CARS....so funky !!!
      I would never endeavor to do a traditional crazy quilt either by machine or by hand.  I'm not crazy about non-functional quilts and using all those traditional 'special' fabrics won't work in my house with my family to be sure !! Now all by machine with cottons is another story !!  That's as close as I'll ever get.  I had a wonderful time shopping for the crazy quilt fabrics with Susan (the gal that just posted prior to me).
      I bought all BATIKS !!!  I purchased 1/4 yard & more if I really loved the fabric.  My fabric choices were influenced by the type of print on those batiks.  I wanted 'mottled/subdued' designs, but yet I wanted the designs recognizable.  I've thrilled with the ones I got and later traded a quilting job with my friend for her bag of scraps of batiks from piecing quilts.  So now, I'm set till I'm 104 years old if I continue to do one CQ block a day !! LOL
      If you need help, just holler.  You can even call me if you prefer at 724-935-3167.  These are very easy to do and there are really no 'secrets'.
      What other types of embroidery do you do?  What machine(s) do you have? What is your favorite site for designs?  If you care to, you can access the yahoo site and put up photos of your work :)  I'd love to see what you've been up to.  Then, maybe together, we can light a fire under Susan's A** !!!!!!!!!!  She's procrastinating !!!!!!!!!!!
      Have a great day,
      List Owner
      p.s.  what is your name & where are you from.  Both Susan & I are from the Pittsburgh, PA area.
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      I have purchased "Christmas Crazy Quilt" from Molly Mine and am now collecting fabrics to embroider it on:
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