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Re: [berkeley-disabled] LISTEN TO IT! Republican MEG WHITMAN running for Governor AGAINST California's Communities of Poverty, Color & Disability

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  • Justin DeCastro
    Hi, Tea -- With disproportionately more People of Color and PWDs on welfare than anyone else, I think we all know Meg Whitman is specifically referring to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2010
      Hi, Tea --

      With disproportionately more People of Color and PWDs on "welfare" than anyone else, I think we all know Meg Whitman is specifically referring to "us."  Any time a billionaire bigot like she attacks the "Welfare State", it's billionaire and bigot-coded language for POCs and PWDs, and the economically disadvantaged among us.  

      That's the absolute reality and truth.  Republicans consider the topic of "Welfare" among their "red meats".  Their warrior icons -- Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michael Salvage, Lou Dobbs, et al. -- and their redneck-based Tea Baggers (future Brown Shirts of a likely coming fascist state), who have run the Republican Party into virtual political obsolescence with their totally backward and increasingly more ideologically regressive talking points, manifestos, and programmes, simply DROOL to bad talk the interests of POC, PWD and elders.  We saw that through the last primaries and general election, we've seen it since Obama became Prez, and we continue to see it around health care and other domestic issues reform.

      The Republicans are not so easily "controlled" by the people's mass grassroots movements even in their most outrageous political behavior as are the Democrats.  That's because Democrats, to some extent, must remain "beholden" to the "colored" and "disabled" and "senior" voters, as we are part of their social base.

      In fact, we are the more outspoken and more militant of their social base, compared to middle class, yuppy and guppy types, whose loyalties to defending and advancing the interests of the masses of poor and disadvantaged people are "variable" at best, and reactionary in the worst of times, like right now, when so many middle class types tend to not just abandon solidarity with us but are ready to attack us in order to protect their falsely perceived STRATEGIC better-off living conditions.

      We must remember that when the upper classes are doing okay, WE the poorer folks are in recession (a perpetual recession all our lives, really).  

      When the upper classes are in recession, WE the poorer folks are in depression.

      When the upper classes are in depression, WE the poorer folks are on the threshold of death.

      But don't fret.  We ain't dead yet!

      As for a VIABLE "alternative" to Meg Whitman and the Republican scoundrels, I will likely vote for Jerry Brown.  This is no time to be toying with "third party" candidates for the office of governor.  We need a governor who is at least CONDITIONALLY on our side.  A no-name candidate -- Green Party or whatever -- will never win, not just due to lack of "name recognition" but because the System won't let that happen.  Never.  If anything, it will just kill the lesser of evils candidate -- Jerry Brown -- by pulling votes away from the Democratic ticket and sprinkling them onto "third party" types who haven't a snowflake's chance in hell of ever winning the office of Governor.

      We can hold Jerry Brown accountable compared to any Republican candidate.  He's the only choice in the race, realistically speaking, if our priority is the defense and protection of the real needs and true interests of People of Color/POC, People with Disabilities/PWD,  the elderly, and all disadvantaged social groups.

      That's my reckoning on this.  I'm sure others have their views as well.

                      JUSTIN DeCASTRO
             Live & Let Live! Love & Let Love!

      On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 5:29 PM, tea <pula.services@...> wrote:
      Thanks Justin,
      for the link to her railing vs. the Welfare State.  She does not specifically in that interview mention either PWD or P of color. 
      Here is more, she will NOT explain why she refused to vote at all for 28 years, while she was getting rich off EBay:

      Business "leaders" are not "political leaders" in any country.  There are LOTS of other people running, let's look into which will do BEST for low-income and PWD and P on Welfare and the healthcare system and etc.

       I'm liking the sounds of the Green Party choice, Oaklandite Laura Wells:

      THis sure is a strange state, where a gov was recalled for ruining the budget, yet the newbie kept right on digging the budget grave deeper for all!? The way Laura Wells (and others) can get us out of that is by removing the strange "super-majority" requirement for any budget votes, returning it to the sane simple majority to pass many many necessary changes and keep social services in place.  So far no lefty celebs endorsing that or anyone, but we're not close to the election yet.

      Your new fella citizen of CA, Tea

      On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 12:43 PM, Justin DeCastro <justindecastro@...> wrote:


                   JUSTIN DeCASTRO
            Live & Let Live! Love & Let Love!


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      Thanks Justin.  I'll listen for it.

      I'm thinking maybe we need a well publicized debate
      on taxes and the safety net or as the right would
      say "my money vs the lazy virus-ridden poor."

      A couple of celebrity politicians and a lot of
      media coverage.  What lefty progressive has the
      celeb status and won't sell us out?



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