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Fwd: A little-known fact about Prop 8

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  • Justin DeCastro
    *The best predictor of whether someone voted for or against Prop 8 was how frequently a voter attended a place of worship.* Reading this, I can t help
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      The best predictor of whether someone voted for or against Prop 8 was how frequently a voter attended a place of worship.

      Reading this, I can't help wondering if the Courage Campaign hasn't taken on a new function or purpose, or just being the "emperor in new clothes", or if this is just a gimmick to get "Christian" bigots to accept that "queers are Christians, too".  (What "logic" -- if ya can't beat 'em, join em?  Like, is this Gay Christan Evangelical Crusade?)

                    JUSTIN DeCASTRO
             Live & Let Live! Love & Let Love!


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      From: Hope Wood, Courage Campaign <info@...>
      Date: Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 12:12 PM
      Subject: A little-known fact about Prop 8

      Courage Campaign


      It's a little known fact:

      The best predictor of whether someone voted for or against Prop 8 was how frequently a voter attended a place of worship.

      Changing that dynamic is critical to our successful repeal and restoration of marriage equality to California.

      Next week -- to recognize the anniversary of the passage of Proposition 8 -- people of faith and secular activists are coming together to "Keep the Faith for Equality," highlighting the strength of the relationship between communities of faith and the marriage equality movement.

      Together, these "Keeping the Faith for Equality" events in communities across California will celebrate the progress that made in the past year, both in the secular and religious communities.

      From San Diego to San Francisco, we will renew our support for our friends in Maine and Washington state as they face ballot measures which would strip same-sex couples of relationship protections. Through interfaith prayer, song, and reflection, we will keep the faith for equality for all people.

      If we are going to restore marriage equality to California, these are the kind of events that will lay the foundation for that victory. On Monday, November 2, please join your local Courage Campaign Equality Teams and Deputy Field Organizers at a "Keep the Faith for Equality" event near you. Just click here to RSVP for the event in San Francisco:


      Research after Prop 8 shows us that reaching out to people of faith who attend worship once or twice per month is crucial to our success.

      Most of the time, we will not be able to reach people of faith at worship. But through our partnership with faith communities and events like the "Keeping the Faith for Equality," we can make sure Californians know that they can both be religious and support the freedom to marry.

      That's why the Courage Campaign is excited to be a co-sponsor for "Keeping the Faith for Equality" along with: CA Faith for Equality, API Equality, the Bay Area Coalition for Welcoming Congregations, Equal Roots, Equality California, the Inland Empire Equality Council, the Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation at HUC-IJR, Marriage Equality USA, More Light Presbyterians, National Black Justice Coalition, National Council of Jewish Women - Los Angeles, PFLAG, Progressive Jewish Alliance, and the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry.

      On Monday, Californians will stand together in communities across the state, not looking back but moving forward. Will you join us in San Francisco?


      Thank you for turning this sad moment -- the anniversary of the passage of Prop 8 -- into a moment that will help us overturn it.

      Hope Wood
      Northern California Field Manager, Courage Campaign   

      The Courage Campaign is an online organizing network that empowers more than 700,000 grassroots and netroots supporters to push for progressive change and full equality in California and across the country.

      To help Courage wage this campaign, please chip in what you can today:


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