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742Politicizing, Organizing, Mobilizing/Capitalism, Class and Racial Oppression/Immigrant Rights and the Undocumented

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  • Justin DeCastro
    Mar 16, 2010
        Artrie Alfreds 
      Let's just keep up the fight, but Justin, what will trump racism each time is the Almighty Dollar or Euro or whatever. That's why they could use Obama or Powell or Rice as front people. So, we have to fight two fights, but racism benefits the ruling classes because it can be used to divide and conquer, etc.
      Yesterday at 5:21pm
      Justin DeCastro
      Justin DeCastro 
      True, racism, in the ultimate analysis, accrues to the benefit of the capitalist ruling class by keeping us divided. And it's not as if this has not been the history of the working class in the USA all along. It has and it continues to be a racially stratified working class. 

      HOWEVER, White workers, UNDENIABLY in the short term, clearly benefit from White Skin Privilege -- in jobs, education, housing, financing, health care, and all other basic life "opportunities". Whites get better chances because coloreds get worse odds.

      Oh, I know this fact presses all sorts of buttons for White folks -- especially for the most revolutionary of White activists. But it's true. They just need to get over their white guilt trips and strive to be candidly scientific in facing the truth of the historical U.S. ideology of White Supremacy. 

      Otherwise, White activists will never participate in the anti-racist struggle in any genuine way, while the already racially stratified U.S. working class will continue to be divided by every conceivable racist wedge that the capitalists introduce to this picture of our true reality and that the Right Wingnuts and Tea Baggers will amplify like Hitler's Brown Shirts from Hell. 

      One obvious wedge issue is the UNDOCUMENTED MEXICAN OR CENTRAL AMERICAN. Don't tell me that White workers aren't protecting their White Skin Privilege by attacking Mexicans and Central Americans in the USA as the alleged "cause" of the country's failing, shrinking economy and the collapse of "opportunities" to achieve the American Dream. 

      The scapegoating is growing and intensifying just as the pro-immigrant rights movement here prepares to confront the Obama administration this month with massive nationwide protests for failing on immigration reform that is fair, just and equitable for the estimated 12 to 20 million undocumented immigrant residents of the United States. The Tea Baggers apparently have vowed to confront these mass demonstrations with their own, so this should be interesting. Of course, we don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, do we? In this continuing Great Recession, they blow against the more oppressed workers in this country -- the darker skinned and the undocumented.

      Blacks reportedly are suffering 15 to 20% unemployment, while the general, overwhelmingly White public is at or under 10%. Latinos, Native Peoples, AsianPacific-Americans, and others of color couldn't be too far behind Blacks. 

      In AmeriKKKa, the darker our skins, the greater our exclusion from "equal opportunity" for achieving the "American Dream". 

      For most communities of color right now -- especially the millions of us who have lost our homes to foreclosure, our jobs to failed businesses, our educations to substandard public systems and soaring college tuition hikes, our health to the insurance cartels, our wholeness and lives to U.S. wars for oil and hegemony in the Middle East, etc., etc. -- life is grimmer than for the "average white Amercun".

      Tell me? Should any of us be "surprised" at this revelation of our reality as people of color in the racially stratified U.S. working class? 

      We know of what we speak -- not just from political theory books and the internet -- but from everyday life in the deteriorating barrios and ghettoes throughout this land.

      Our point of unity as a working class should be in defense and promotion of the interests and needs of the most oppressed of the oppressed among us. 

      Can anyone verbalize "why"?

                   JUSTIN DeCASTRO
             Live & Let Live! Love & Let Love!