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Info about this Weekend's QOC Food & Friends Drive

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  • Jon
    Hello everyone. We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving. With so much to be thankful for in our lives, we hope that you will join us in sharing your good
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      Hello everyone. We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving. With so
      much to be thankful for in our lives, we hope that you will join us
      in sharing your good fortune with those who are less fortunate. We
      will be collecting non-perishable food donations at the Bowie meet
      this Sunday, December 8 and delivering the items to a wonderful local
      charity -- Food & Friends. Last year was the first time that we held
      a food drive for this charity and everyone in the club responded
      wonderfully. As David and Heidi Onkst, who collected last year's
      donations and who will be doing so again this year, reported:
      "Our trunk was packed to the brim and we even had some cash
      contributions. When we delivered the items to Food & Friends they
      were delighted and very grateful to receive such a wonderful

      Food & Friends is a volunteer supported, regional not-for-profit
      organization that meets the daily nutritional needs of people living
      with HIV/AIDS and other life-challenging illnesses such as cancer and
      ALS in the Washington metropolitan area. Food & Friends provides
      freshly prepared meals and groceries, as well as nutrition counseling
      to hundreds of people each year. Founded in 1988, the organization
      has provided close to 4 million meals to over 5,800 individuals.
      Currently, they provide 3 meals a day, six days a week to 550
      clients. 93% of their clients have an income of under $1,001 per
      month and 45% have an income of under $300 per month.

      This service is provided FREE OF CHARGE!!! Food & Friends has an
      annual budget of approximately $4.7 million, 60% of which is provided
      by individuals through donations.

      The program that QOC will be supporting is "Groceries-To-Go". This is
      a weekly service that includes two bags of non-perishable groceries
      and frozen soups and entrees, prepared by Food & Friends. While the
      organization greatly appreciates all donations, please eliminate
      dented cans and past date products. Food safety for their clients is
      their primary concern. Below is a list of items that are most needed.
      Please bring your donations to the registration area. (If you prefer
      to donate cash, checks may be made out to Food & Friends --just $25
      feeds a client for one week!)

      Thank you for participating and for your generosity. Charitable
      giving is VITAL to our community and our nation. Together we can
      truly make a difference.

      All our best to you and yours for a peaceful and healthy holiday

      David and Heidi Onkst


      Canned beans
      Canned chicken
      Canned fruit
      Canned salmon/tuna
      Canned vegetables
      Cake/brownie/muffin mix
      Cereal (hot and cold)
      Cooking oil
      Diabetic food
      Herbal teas
      Jello/pudding mix
      Ketchup and mustard
      Quick meals (such as chili/beef stew)
      Pancake mix
      Pancake syrup
      Pasta sauce
      Peanut butter
      Potatoes (instant)
      Ready-to-serve soup
      Salad dressing
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